Why Coil Springs Are Necessary for Vehicle Manufacturing

High-quality transmissions are vital for vehicles to run properly, and high-quality coil springs are needed for transmissions. Also known as helical springs, coil springs store energy and release it, absorb shock, or maintain forces between contacting surfaces. These springs are vital for the automotive industry, as they are fundamental in objects such as transmissions. Transmissions are one of the most important elements of a vehicle, as they aid in driving power from the engine to the wheels.

As the bases of suspension systems, coil springs are preferred in terms of space, weight, durability, and easiness of manufacture. As lightweight components, they offer a lot of power regarding the use of less metal to hold larger weights. Additionally, coil springs are typically made from steel, ensuring that they are self-preserving and durable.


Importance of Spring Durability

A spring’s ability to not lose force or shorten under a given force is what relates to its durability. To ensure a spring is durable, the material’s stress cannot be greater than the strength permitted by the material. When metal has a load applied to it, it has to deflect elastically first and then plastically if the load is high enough.

After the metal returns to its previous shape after unloading, elastic deflection occurs. Plastic deflection involves a permanent deformation in which the metal is unable to return to its previous shape. In durable springs, the elastic part of the deformation is utilised to receive the deflection. The stress and temperature also play a key part on the durability of a spring, alongside relaxation/creep and fatigue.


Increased Performance

Performance is determined by a vehicle’s transmission, and coil springs allow for the highest possible force requirements and reliability. A varied number of parameters determine coil springs’ dynamic performance, such as the spring body diameter, the wire diameter, and the number of coils. A change in a parameter can make a big difference in the springs’ dynamic performance and, subsequently, in a vehicle’s handling characteristics and ride.

Coil springs offer increased performance for vehicle manufacturing through precise manufacturing. They can be made up of silicon, carbon, chromium, and manganese, amongst others, with its exact composition depending on the amount of pressure the springs need to withstand. These springs are required to withstand massive amounts of weight with shock absorbers, which allow for trucks to transport heavy loads. Coil springs permit weights exceeding the original capacity by absorbing the weight and springing back any resistance.

We understand the need for durability and strength in coil springs, as the automobile industry requires solutions which permit heavy loads to be safely carried. Here at European Springs, we provide high-quality coil springs for a wide range of industries.

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