Stampings & Pressings

For large orders of stampings and pressings, automated production in progression tools is used to cope with the volume of production. The tools that are used are unique for each product, and the machines are high speed presses. The equipment we use, Mabu Zani and SMV, are amongst some of the most technologically-advanced pieces of pressing equipment in the world.
With constant production, it is not unusual for the volumes of orders to increase to tens of millions of components, proving that we are more than equipped for coping with large, bespoke orders.

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Pressing & Stamping Products

High Quality Stampings & Pressings Manufacturing

European Springs manages prototype pressings and stampings, or small batches of components, by using production design based on universal and adjustable tools, producing complex profiles by wire eroding or laser cutting. This is the small batch concept, which comes into play when the requirement of components is not large enough to justify the use of automated production. A team develops the concept from a wide choice of materials and allows for the universal machine and tool setup to operate at low cost, achieve maximum flexibility and, ultimately, short production times. Take a look at our short animation of the innovative progressive pressing tool in action, and see for yourself how you will save time and money by ordering your stampings and pressings from European Springs Ltd today.


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