Why European Springs?

European Springs and Pressings Ltd have been in operation for over 70 years and during that time have always maintained the highest levels of customer service and technical expertise. Our dynamic and innovative team have consistently pioneered new solutions to meet the specific and custom requirements of our customers over the years.

Due to our expertise and experience in the spring manufacturing industry, we are proud to be a prominent member of The Institute of Spring Technology and the Institute of Sheet Metal Engineering, supporting our registration with BSI to ISO9001.

We pride ourselves on ensuring our customers receive the very best levels of service. Our team of experts provide our valued customers with 24-hour support to ensure the highest levels of satisfaction for both new and returning clients.

European Springs are proud to be part of the Lesjöfors Group, meaning we have the capability to manufacture and distribute all forms of springs, pressings, stampings and wire forms across the world. Lesjöfors have manufacturing or sales offices across Europe, Korea, China, Thailand, Singapore, Mexico and the US. Thanks to our parent company’s international connections, there is virtually no limit to the number of products we can produce, and we are able to comfortably meet orders no matter how large.

Industries We Work With

What makes European Springs stand out from other spring manufacturers is our ability to work with customers from a whole host of industries whilst consistently providing high-quality products and solutions. We work extensively in the electrical, automotive, agricultural, defence, medical and telecom industries, amongst many others.

Without consistently adapting our products and services based on our customers’ needs, we would not have been able to achieve the levels of success across such a broad range of industries we see today. By striving to continually improve and expand on our range of springs, pressings and other wire forms, we have seen a whole host of new customers, from a range of exciting new industries, choose European Springs as their supplier.

Through working with our customers to meet their requirements, our design team are continually developing new products.

The UK’s Widest Range of Springs

Our high-speed press components which support up to 130 tonnes allow us to offer the UK’s widest range of compression springs, gas springs, torsion springs and tension springs. Thanks to our automated machinery, our experienced engineers can output up to 3 million components per hour. This level of productivity means we are able to offer over 12,000 items in our stock catalogue at extremely competitive prices.

Due to our extensively equipped manufacturing plants, we are able to offer a whole host of products and services – from all forms of springs, gas springs and wire forms, to on-site powder coating, shot peening, barrel rumbling and polishing. We are also a leading manufacturer of bespoke spring and wire form design, thanks to our design team, who have years of experience in dealing with a host of specific custom requirements.

High-Quality Pressings, Stampings and Wire Forms

We are also proud to provide excellent solutions for pressings, wire forms and stampings. Our capability to provide a whole host of products, both for single and bulk orders, mean we offer the perfect solution no matter how big or small your project is.

European Springs have the capacity to make wire forms of the highest quality by using the latest CNC automated spring coilers and wire forming equipment in the industry. We are able to cater for generic wire forms orders as well as bespoke pieces, there is virtually no wire form design we cannot cater for. For smaller orders, we manually produce our wire forms, but for larger orders, they are made automatically by our highly-advanced machinery.

By utilising the latest technology and highly-qualified toolmakers to design and make bespoke pressings and bespoke stampings, we are able to produce products of the highest quality. For large orders of pressings and stampings, we utilise the Mabu Zani and SMV which are among some of the most advanced pieces of equipment in the industry. We have the capacity to deal with orders of tens of millions of components thanks to the high-speed equipment we use.

European Springs and Pressings Ltd UK operate from three locations across England, with manufacturing facilities in London and Cornwall and a stocking facility in Huddersfield which supplies our standard stock and gas springs. We plan on continuing to expand our current operations, whilst investing in the very best and latest technology, all without abandoning our belief in offering the highest level of dedicated service for unbeatable prices.


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