Flat Springs from Leading Flat Spring Manufacturers

Commonly used as clips to hold mouldings on cars, or your standard oven catch, flat springs have a whole range of uses.

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As specialised flat spring manufacturers, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive range of flat springs for use as clips to hold mouldings onto cars, as your standard oven catch or for any number of other jobs and tasks they may be required for.

What Are Flat Springs?

Though flat springs may not look like conventional springs, they are excellent at storing potential energy when compressed, stretched or bent, which results in the release of energy once the restraining force is removed. As experienced flat spring manufacturers, we’re well versed in the wide range of applications that flat springs can be applied to. Our catalogue contains a huge array of these, as well as custom designs available for you to take full advantage of.

Our flat spring range include;
. Spring Nuts
. Clamps
. Spring Clips and Contacts
. Tool Holding Clips
. Leaf Springs such as catches or spring washers

Why We’re One Of the Best Flat Spring Manufacturers in Europe

Our skilled members of staff have a wide breadth of expertise when it comes to creating flat springs for varying purposes. If you are looking for one-off, hand crafted bespoke flat springs or tooling up for large volumes of complex items, we can easily accommodate your requirements.

The production process of our flat springs can either be carried out manually or automatically, depending on the size of order volume. The versatility of the flat spring allows choice of material thickness, bend radius and spring geometry, all dependent on the requirement for application.

All of our design and manufacturing processes are completed with your needs in mind and we pride ourselves on our quick turnaround, delivering the items you need when you need them. With this approach we can ensure that every customer gets the highest quality components.

For Efficient Flat Spring Manufacturers, Contact Us Today

The design and versatility of flat springs is only limited by imagination. Our design team can help you get the best functionality, form and usage out of your flat springs.

If you are unsure about the designs and specifications of the flat springs you require, feel free to contact us on +0044 (0)208 663 1800 and our experienced team will be happy to discuss the best solution for you.