Electrical Metal Stampings & Springs

Here at European Springs and Pressings, we are proud to make and supply a large number of different electronic stampings to a range of companies in the electronics industry. Most commonly we manufacture bespoke pressings and wire forms to be used for a wide variety of components in products such as fluorescent tube fittings, earth rails in plugs amongst many other products vital to the electronics industry.

From our manufacturing factories across the UK, we produce a vast range of springs and wire forms for electronics companies across the world. The whole team here at European Springs and Pressings take great pride in providing extremely versatile products, as we are capable of designing, producing and delivering our products to customers across the globe.

Electrical metal stampings and springs are components used in various electrical applications, particularly within the electronics and electrical engineering industries. These components are typically made from metal, such as copper, aluminium, or steel, and are designed to perform specific functions within electrical systems. Here’s an overview of both components:

Electrical Metal Stampings

These are thin metal sheets or parts that are created through a stamping or pressing process. They often have specific shapes, patterns, or holes that are customized to fit the requirements of electrical systems. Electrical metal stampings are used in a variety of applications, including electrical connectors, switches, and circuit boards. They provide the necessary conductivity and often serve as a means to transmit electrical signals or power within electronic devices.

Flat springs are crucial components in various applications, especially within the realm of electronic components. We play a pivotal role in manufacturing flat spring pressings tailored for electrical applications, serving specific functions such as facilitating minor contact points within electrical circuits or functioning as clips to secure mouldings in automotive settings.

Springs in Electrical Applications

Springs are elastic components used in electrical systems for a range of purposes. They can be made from various materials, including metal alloys. In electrical applications, springs are commonly used to provide electrical contact, ensure the proper functioning of switches, or create tension within components like connectors or sockets. Springs play a vital role in maintaining electrical connections, ensuring that they remain secure and stable over time.

In summary, electrical metal stampings and springs are integral parts of electrical systems, contributing to the reliability and functionality of electronic devices and electrical equipment. They are designed to meet specific electrical and mechanical requirements, such as conducting electricity, maintaining connections, and providing stability within the system.

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With over 70 years’ experience as spring manufacturers, at European Springs and Pressings, we pride ourselves on offering the very best electrical components for a vast range of industries.

If your company operates within the electrical power industry and you’re looking for high-quality products to incorporate into your products, be sure to get in touch with the team here at European Springs and Pressings today. If you would like a more detailed look at the products we produce, take a look at our spring catalogue, where you will find an extensive range of springs and wire forms we make on a regular basis.


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