Electric Power

European Springs and Pressings have a huge amount of experience working with electrical power companies across Europe. We have provided a whole host of products to help companies produce a wide range of special products; with our springs and wire forms being used to shape some of the most commonly used electrical products available on the market today.

solar panels

The products we most commonly design for electrical purposes are compressions springstorsion springstension springs and sub assemblies. We collaborate with many companies all over the world, designing, producing and delivering our valued items.

We manufacture the vast majority of our springs and bespoke pressings in the UK and serve companies across the world in a vast range of electric industries. At European Springs and Pressings, we take great pride in being versatile with the products we offer, designing, producing and delivering our products to customers around the globe.


Electric Power Blogs

Find out more details about springs used in the electric power sectors with our deep dive blogs:

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European Springs and Pressings are proud spring manufacturers with over 70 years of expertise and knowhow within the industry, so you can rest assured that all our products are made to the very highest standard.

If your company operates within the electrical power industry and you’re looking for high-quality products to incorporate into your products, be sure to get in touch with the team here at European Springs and Pressings today. If you would like a more detailed look at the products we produce, take a look at our spring catalogue, where you will find an extensive range of springs and wire forms we make on a regular basis.


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