Press Work

What makes European Springs so efficient in producing pressings is our ability to manufacture the smallest order or mass produce and still keep to the exact same high quality products.

Our wide range of technology allows us to choose the most suitable production technology for each individual assignment and order, ensuring perfection is met, each and every time.

The main types of press work offered by European Springs are manual, semi and fully automatic production. The manual process requires manual bending and hand pressings of components carried out by our precise and dedicated team of professionals. The semi automatic process wll typical blank the flat part and involve 2nd operation form tooling The automatic process involves either multislide machines, Latours & Finzers, or high speed progression presses by Mabu Zani and SMV. Altogether, we are able to offer a range of options to give you the best commercial result.


pressing products for pressworkpressing products for press work