Exhibitions and trade shows are essential tools for establishing and maintaining connections and relationships between businesses. At European Springs, we have found that attending these shows is an excellent way of speaking with people face to face. We value taking the time to discuss our high-quality springs and pressings with the other attendees and have a chance to observe their exhibits in return.

European springs exhibition

Southern Manufacturing & Electronics

The Southern Manufacturing & Electronics exhibition at Farnborough International Exhibition Centre was our first exhibition of the year. From Stand A135, members of our expert team, Andrew Edwards and Mark Fox spent three days in one of the most comprehensive industrial exhibitions in the UK.

Data Center World

The Data Center World exhibition hosted in the London ExCel was a fantastic opportunity for our team to immerse themselves in the digital infrastructure, with this being the most significant global gathering of specialists, engineers and innovators worldwide. And with our expertise in data-based manufacturing on hand, we are confident we made a considerable impact.

UK Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference

The UK Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference was a stand out addition to our attended events this year. Hosted in Milton Keynes in March, we were one of many exhibitors to contribute to this national forum for manufacturers and all companies at any stage of a supply chain.

Medical Technology UK

The Medical Technology UK Exhibition, hosted in the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, was a chance for our speciality in bespoke wireforms to shine. Our innovative solutions for custom spring designs have been commissioned for a wide range of medical machinery worldwide. So we were excited to explore possible new applications for our products at this event.

MACH 2022

European springs convention

MACH 2022 took place from 4th – 8th April 2022. This outstanding event hosted by the Manufacturing Technologies Association was a fantastic few days where you could observe a tremendous showcase of advanced engineering and manufacturing techniques from across the whole sector. With over 25,000 visitors across the five days, including seminars and unrivalled networking opportunities, it’s easy to see why we were excited to take our place at the UK’s premier event for engineering-based manufacturing technologies.

And once again, our experts, Andrew Edwards and Mark Fox, were eager to take their place at their stand in the Birmingham NEC and discuss how European Springs could assist with any company’s manufacturing needs, such as supplying high-quality tension springs. With all the various machines and technologies being presented, it was a chance to meet new people and a great insight into the advances being developed for the sector.

Why Are Exhibitions Important?

We are proud of our high attendance record for the conventions, exhibitions, and expos this year, and we plan to continue attending as many as possible throughout the year. But we believe that simply visiting an expo is only half as effective as taking the time to exhibit at them. So, why do we find exhibitions so important?

manufacturing expo

Firstly, the new connections that will be made will explain why we value attending events. Whilst finding new clients is desirable, it’s not the only helpful business connections you can find by exhibiting. As a manufacturer of compression springs, finding new business partners is an excellent way to help strengthen the supply chain and will be crucial for finding new ways of increasing your long-term profitability.

Meeting potential clients face to face is one of the unique benefits gained from exhibiting. Whilst conducting Teams calls and email bursts to contact people is a valid method of communication, there is no substitute for being in person. Clients will feel more relaxed when they can get any of their questions answered in person and avoid any potential misunderstandings that could happen with online communication.

One of the ways we have made ourselves a leading company amongst spring manufacturers is by consistently increasing our brand awareness. So when our team mans a stand at a manufacturing show, we proudly present our brand and display the confidence essential for an internationally renowned manufacturer.

Exhibitions not only give you the chance to present yourself to the industry, but you also get a chance to observe other companies within your sector. In addition, expos are great places for new announcements such as new product launches, services or new machinery. This assists with the previously discussed brand awareness and gives you a chance to see how the other attendees receive this new release. Additionally, it allows you to get a sense of what your competitors are getting up to. These two data sets will be vital for deciding how you want your business to proceed.

Experts in Bespoke Wire forms, Pressings and Springs

At European Springs, we constantly look for innovative ways to improve our already effective processes and strategies. As a result, we are confident that whether our customers desire our stock of torsion springs or requirebespoke pressings, we will provide what they need in a high-quality, cost-effective product.

If you would like to visit our team in person, please follow our social media announcements on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, for announcements of all our upcoming plans.

If you have any questions about the products and services we provide, please contact us today or call us at 0208 633 1800, and one of our expert team will happily answer all your questions.

The manufacturing sector has seen its share of changes over the last few years, but during this time, it has proven itself a resilient industry that can adapt to meet any challenge. Adaptability is essential for not just your business but your workforce; this is where apprenticeships thrive.

Despite the shifting nature of the manufacturing industry, one constant that’s becoming more apparent is that a profitable career in engineering is no longer limited to university graduates. Instead, apprenticeships have become an excellent route for critical thinkers and innovators interested in a career in STEM.

Male engineer teaching young female engineer

What is an Engineering Apprenticeship?

At European Springs, we host new apprenticeships every year. Engineering apprenticeships are essentially working courses that provide students interested in STEM the chance to gain hands-on knowledge and valuable experience required to become professional engineers. These courses are usually a mix of hands-on work alongside study modules to create the invaluable skill set required.

Different Types of Engineering Apprenticeships

Because of the large variety of roles applicable to a career in manufacturing, there isn’t one apprenticeship that can cover it all. Therefore, finding the right one to support your interest in STEM is a significant first step in your potential career. Here are some examples of the different apprenticeships a student could choose from.

Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeships

The skills acquired through a mechanical engineering apprenticeship are connected to several industries. Skills you can learn through this are welding, hydraulics, pneumatics, CAD design and CNC machining.

Manufacturing gains the most from mechanical engineers, such as transport with train engine repair, power for designing pumps for energy companies and here at European Springs as experienced tension spring manufacturers.

Engineering Environmental Technologies Apprenticeships

This is a relatively new area of engineering apprenticeship. This focus was developed to help combat the rising adverse effects of the industry on the environment. As a successful apprentice, it would be your responsibility to create innovations that make manufacturing, construction and building maintenance sectors more environmentally friendly. With the advances the manufacturing industry is making toward net-zero carbon emissions, the role of these engineers has never been more critical.

Manufacturing Engineering Apprenticeships

Manufacturing engineering apprentices have a choice of pathways. These can cover aerospace, marine, welding, technical support, and fabrication, such as torsion spring manufacturers. Of course, the tasks involved will vary depending on your chosen sector. Still, by selecting a manufacturing engineering apprenticeship, you open the doors to the many areas of STEM.

What to Expect From an Apprenticeship

Young female apprentice engineer

As we mentioned earlier, hands-on experience is an essential part of any engineering apprenticeship. Observing valuable trade skills in use within a suitable working environment will have the most impact on the apprentice.

This education is done through the apprentice being partnered with an experienced staff member, who will teach skills such as accountability, planning and responsibility for the day-to-day tasks you’ll conduct once qualified.

Studying is an important part when working on an apprenticeship. While some consider the physical contributions the most impactful, maintaining a high level of study with theory is essential too. This may be just a couple of days a week, either at a partnered college or in-house with your fellow apprentices.

Shadowing and supervising work are some of the most effective parts of a manufacturing apprenticeship. By first shadowing your assigned staff member, you can practically learn the different aspects of the role in a more visual way than through study. Your shadowing will then be followed up by taking on those tasks under the supervision of experienced engineers. This is the best time to ask critical questions and build that all-important confidence through getting a taste of a STEM career.

Assessments with a supervisor are to be expected when working on an apprenticeship. Reviews are not a negative judgement of your performance but a vital element of learning the role with the benefit of providing someone who can answer any of your questions. After being regularly assessed for your current skills and job knowledge, you will usually complete coursework and exams as the final step to achieving your apprenticeship.

young female manufacturing apprentice

Benefits of Choosing European Springs Engineering Apprenticeships

As experienced spring manufacturers, we can attest to the benefits of taking on apprentices from an industry standpoint. Every year we take on new apprentices through our established development plans. We firmly believe that this helps give us a competitive edge in maintaining our status as a leading compression spring manufacturer. In addition, when companies take the time to invest in their staff through upskilling or reskilling, they can find that this training will create a far more diverse and effective team than persistent recruitment drives.

For the apprentices themselves, one standout benefit is the ability to learn whilst they earn. In addition, working toward a nationally-recognised qualification while simultaneously making a wage is hard to beat when investing in your future.

Increased Demand for Engineers

The manufacturing sector is currently struggling with a skills gap that creates problems for many manufacturing companies. At European Springs, we prioritise involving apprentices within the industry as we firmly believe that by supporting the next generation of engineers, we help individuals find great careers whilst supporting the industry.

If you are interested in exploring a new career in manufacturing, we recommend learning more about our apprenticeship schemes here. If you have any questions, please fill in the connected enquiry form, and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Manufacturing is a highly professional industry that requires its workers to earn particular qualifications, leading to the current skills gap shortage troubling the sector. Recruiting skilled engineers and other production team members is a constant issue to fill all the current vacancies, but there are ways to fix this.

workers in a factory

What Is The Manufacturing Skills Gap?

The manufacturing industry plays a prominent role in the UK’s economy. With over 270 thousand businesses in the manufacturing sector across the UK, it’s recognised as one of the most significant contributors to the UK economy.

Any business needs to adapt to thrive and evolve, including STEM industries. By implementing intelligent technologies such as big data, cloud computing and industrial IoT, managers can more accurately optimise their work processes and identify those areas that need improvement.

The skills gap is partially due to the rapid advances in smart technologies and automation that are helping increase the efficiency of the industry. However, whilst investing in these new technologies is a great idea, many people do not have the experience or qualifications to use them.

Unfortunately, there are many working positions unfulfilled across manufacturing and other STEM sectors. These vacancies are known as the skills gap. The manufacturing skills gap is not just a buzzword for low employment numbers; it is, in fact, a complex reality that many spring manufacturers face as there are more open positions than applicants to fill them.

Manufacturers National Contribution

Pressing manufacturers such as ourselves are among the many companies in our sector to account for 9.7% of the total UK economic output in 2021 (gross value added). At the start of 2022, manufacturing output was 0.8% higher than the previous month but 1.6% below the beginning of 2020. All of this was achieved with this sector 7.3% of the jobs positions available in the UK.

robotic automation in manufacturing

Current State of The Industry

The British chamber of commerce, early this year, reported in their quarterly recruitment outlook that there are record highs in recruitment difficulties. In addition, 79% of companies shared that they have problems filling positions. Companies have reported a broad range of issues that have contributed to this, such as the effects of Brexit and the pandemic.

Head of people policy, Jane Gratton, believes that these results highlight the continuing difficulties employers face in accessing the skilled labour they need and that such a loss will impact the country’s economic recovery. For example, as more compression spring manufacturers struggle to fill their skills gap, it will create a knock-on effect on their ability to provide products. This effect will continue adding struggles to an already pressured supply chain battling supply and demand.

Upskilling Your Team

One short term solution to the skills gap problem is to upskill your current workforce. Re-training and developing new skills is an excellent way to grow your existing team and address those areas with gaps. Additionally, focusing on automating easier processes will free up those team members to address the more complex parts of your business.

Another practical method for filling skills gaps with upskilling is implementing personal development plans (or PDPs). These help companies set goals for each employee and encourage their development as they learn the skills required.

By upskilling your team to your new equipment and procedures, companies are building well-rounded, multi-skilled workforces capable of filling those missing positions and increasing their businesses’ overall efficiency.

manufacturing apprentices

Investing In Young People

At European Springs, we believe that investing in new engineers supports us and benefits the industry as a whole. In addition, by increasing awareness of the advantages of STEM careers to students through various existing programs and apprenticeship schemes, the talent pool will be increased dramatically.

Continuing to promote our excellent apprenticeships is crucial to us as a company. We offer incredible schemes that follow the mechanical manufacturing apprenticeship framework and award BTEC Level 3 certificates in Engineering operations and maintenance.

Filling The Skills Gap

The way manufacturing companies react to this labour shortage will be an essential factor in deciding the future of the manufacturing industry. In order to prosper, the sector must embrace the initiatives already in place to attract new skilled people to enjoy a profitable career in STEM.

Scholarships, bursaries, and apprenticeships are all fantastic ways of increasing this awareness and are proving to address the skills gap successfully. In addition, male and female postgraduates students can apply for funding opportunities that will help them explore a career in manufacturing or any other sector under STEM.

Brunel University in London offers a mentoring program called Women in Engineering and Computing (or WIBEC) that encourages and supports female graduates and undergraduates to begin a fulfilling career in manufacturing.

The UK is home to many prestigious universities well known for innovation, research and creativity. This has created a reputation for top-ranked UK universities globally and has been providing STEM education in many forms for centuries. In addition, this positive relationship between these institutions and manufacturing companies have created a supportive network for job hunting or apprenticeship applications that makes it much easier for employers to find people to fill their skills gaps.

At European Springs, we’re proud of our long-term commitment to support the manufacturing industry with our apprenticeship schemes. We firmly believe that these schemes are a way of investing both in people and in the industry, with each successful candidate having a positive effect on the sector as a whole.

female engineer on Apprenticeship

The past few years have been a struggle for the manufacturing industry at large. Many companies found it difficult to cope with the supply chain issues, talent shortage and gender gap. Whilst it seems now that there is an end in sight to most of the problems caused by the pandemic, the gender gap remains.

In this blog, we’re discussing the need for more inclusivity in manufacturing and the career opportunities available for women.

Addressing the Gender Gap

As prominent spring manufacturers, we are aware of the unfortunate truth that, whilst 48% of women do actively participate in the labour market, they make up only 29% of the manufacturing workforce. Some have noted this as a consequence of occupational segregation limiting women’s career roles in manufacturing. 2021 Make UK’s reportstates that only 8% of women take up apprenticeships in manufacturing due to the impression that it’s not for them.

As disheartening as these numbers read, we at European Springs are one among many companies that are committed to changing this by creating a more inclusive community that welcomes both men and women to successful careers in manufacturing. Much like the bespoke pressings service we offer, we believe that, for this industry to survive, you can’t limit yourself to just one way of doing things; you need to be flexible and adaptable to thrive.

More employers have begun to search actively for new graduates to become apprentices. There is always a constant demand for highly skilled people in the manufacturing industry, so women interested in exploring this part of STEM are valued resources.

Advantages of Apprenticeships

female engineering Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships’ contributions to the economy have been growing over the last decade. The CEBR report on productivity correctly predicted that £3.4 billion of the UK economy was due to the increased productivity of 3.8 million people completing their apprenticeships.

Apprenticeship schemes are a great way to get a hands-on experience of a career and potentially learn things easy-to-miss in the classroom (or that are simply not taught there). In addition, the ability to shadow an experienced member of the team combined with the supervised work can help someone new gain confidence in what they are doing. Apprentices will take, on average, 1-4 years to become fully qualified, but you will also be paid for your work during this time.

There are advantages for the employer as well. For example, the UK government has recently implemented a new incentive payments scheme for hiring new apprentices. This limited-time initiative is available until May 2022 but substantially assists companies who help their industry by taking on new apprentices.

The apprenticeships we offer at European Springs follow a nationally recognised mechanical manufacturing apprenticeship framework that will award certification at BTEC level 3 in engineering operation and maintenance. An NVQ in mechanical manufacturing engineering accompanies this; for more information on our apprenticeship schemes, please contact us.

Other Opportunities for Women in Manufacturing

mentor teaching female engineer Apprentice

All across the UK, there has been an increase in scholarships and bursaries to assist women studying for manufacturing positions. Additionally, apprenticeships for all young people have increased, thereby making it easier than ever to start a profitable career in the industry.

Brunel University in London offers a prestigious program for its graduates and undergraduates called Women in Engineering and Computing (otherwise known as WiBEC). This mentoring program supports young women who wish to enter a STEM career in engineering and manufacturing. With over 600 female students benefiting from the impartial advice from their industry mentors since 2014, this is a prime example of how accessible manufacturing has become for women.

More improvements have been made in the manufacturing industry beyond study and apprenticeships. For example, it’s been reported that 67% of manufacturers currently have an EDI in place (which stands for equality, inclusion and diversity), with those EDI plans reviewed yearly. These improvements have led to women making up 29% of the manufacturing workforce in the UK and 18% of the company boards.

Engineering Apprenticeships for Women

As the most prominent compression spring manufacturer in the UK, European Springs wholeheartedly disagrees with the idea that manufacturing is a gender-limited occupation. We celebrate the 23rd of June every year as National Women in Engineering Day (NWED) because we believe that everyone should feel welcome when choosing to work in the manufacturing industry.

Hopefully, this blog will help inspire some of you to follow your passion and pursue the career in manufacturing you deserve. For more details on our apprenticeship programs, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and one of our experts can answer all your questions.

female Apprentice

We at European Springs like nothing better than being able to talk to people in person when we attend the many industry exhibitions around the UK. As this spring approaches, we are proud of our high attendance at these important events, and we’d like to discuss what you can expect from us at such an exhibition as well as take a look at those we’ve attended so far this year.

european springs exhibition

Sharing Our Experience

We believe that these exhibitions represent a chance to not just meet people in person but to really connect with existing or (potentially new) clients in a more personal way than impersonal phone calls. Additionally, with so many attendees from across multiple industries, it’s a delight to regularly meet so many other professionals in manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and defence.

We enjoy connecting with the broadest range of sectors when we attend these exhibitions. Just to name a few of the many audiences we are always eager to connect with:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Defence
  • Electronics
  • Rail
  • Mining
  • Medical

Offering Unique Capabilities

We confidently believe that we are unique as spring manufacturers because we specialise in covering various disciplines. We pride ourselves on our design spectrum of wire forms alongside our ability to create bespoke springs ranging from 0.03mm to 65mm.

We have a lot to be proud of with our ability to manage both high and low production of pressings and multi-slides up to 130 tonnes with the aforementioned unlimited design spectrum of wire forms.

manufacturing exhibition

The Personal Touch

The effects of the pandemic can still be felt throughout the manufacturing industry as a whole, and European Springs was not left unaffected by that event. So we think it’s important now to work to raise our profile and improve our effectiveness at our exhibitions. That is why we embrace collaborations with our partners within the wider Lesjöfors family. You can learn more about our response to the pandemic in our other blog about the resilience of the manufacturing industry.

European Springs serve clients from the broadest range of industries and sectors you can imagine. We firmly believe that the quality of our manufacturing processes speaks for itself, and that’s why we stand out from the crowd with our contributions to the various renowned exhibitions that happen yearly.

Southern Manufacturing & Electronics

This was the first of the exhibitions we planned to attend this year. The Southern Manufacturing & Electronics exhibition is the most comprehensive of the industrial exhibitions we participate in in the UK. We firmly believe that networking and future innovation are a huge part of what we do. So meeting like-minded individuals from the impressively varied range of attendees showcased at this event is always very stimulating.

southern manufacturing & electronics exhibition

Data Center World

The Data Center World exhibition was an inspiring way to start March. This eye-opening exhibition is an excellent way for us to share our extensive knowledge and decades of experience face to face with suppliers and industry experts from various fields. With our experts in data-based manufacturing on hand, we were able to answer many people’s questions and enlighten them to the superior processes conducted at European Springs.

manufacturing exhibition

UK Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference

The UK manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference is an extraordinary meeting of technology to industry and one that we were happy to attend previously this year. On March 10th, we were one of the featured exhibitors at the event in Milton Keynes. This event serves as a national forum for manufacturers and the various sections of the different supply chains across the UK. We were excited to be at this conference where key stakeholders from every part of British manufacturing can meet and connect.

UK Manufacturing & supply chain conference

Medical Technology UK

The Medical Technology UK exhibition was our most recent exhibition visit this year. Set at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, this was a chance for us to showcase our innovative solutions for custom spring design that can be implemented for new medical devices around the world.

By visiting our section at any one of the exhibitions later this year, you’ll find our experienced representatives eager to help with any of your queries.

Medical technology UK

High-Quality Pressings, Stampings and Wire Forms

European springs constantly strive to be the best solution for your requirements with bespoke pressings, springs or any wire forms you need. We confidently believe that our practices as an innovative, lean manufacturer combined with our exceptional engineering expertise have led us to be one of the UK’s top manufacturers of compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs and more.

If you are interested in seeing us in person, you can find out what exhibitions we are planning to attend on our website. So come along and meet the team and discover our product range; we look forward to meeting you.

If you’d like to discuss your needs with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us online today or call us at 0208 633 1800 to talk with one of our experienced team members.

The demands on spring manufacturers are at their highest when manufacturing suspension springs for vehicles. The automotive industry relies heavily on the highest-quality suspension springs for their vehicles.

car suspension spring

As a prominent member of The Institute of Spring Technology and leaders in suspension spring manufacturing for decades, we understand the exacting standards required when manufacturing premium suspension springs.

In this article, we will be looking into more detail about this essential product from our extensive catalogue, the suspension spring.

What is A Suspension Spring?

Internationally, spring manufacturers have two names for this spring type, suspension spring and coil spring, but despite the different names, they both have the same applications.

You will find suspension springs in every road vehicle, from cars to motorbikes and even more industrial or agricultural machinery.

Suspension springs are an essential part of the automotive sector due to their application in vehicle suspension systems. They essentially take all the bumps out of the road and give you a much smoother ride.


Bike suspension spring


How is A Suspension Spring Designed and Manufactured?

During our time manufacturing and supplying suspension springs around the globe, we have had to adapt our product to suit the needs of every project, from small niche applications to huge multinational product lines.

When we manufacture our suspension springs, we work with a wide range of:

  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Titanium
  • Superalloys such as Hastelloy, Nimonic and Inconel

The springs’ high strength requirements for vehicle suspension make steel alloys the most used for suspension coil springs and valve springs. The steel alloy has the required strength and hardness and offers a higher sag and temper resistance, making it an excellent choice for your suspension coil spring.

Once the spring has been designed to suit the required specifications and chosen material, it’s time to manufacture the final product.

The specifics of manufacturing a suspension spring will vary very little despite the difference in the specification.

What Makes Suspension Springs So Popular?

When suspension springs are combined with shock absorbers, not only does it provide a smoother ride for the driver, but they also make sure that the wheels are in contact with the road at all times, which increases control.

The increased grip is integral to better road handling and general road safety. Icy roads show how a car’s handling becomes impossible without adequate grip on the road. Strong suspension springs prevent this dangerous driving from occurring in all but the harshest weather conditions.

Shock absorbers and suspensions springs work together to create a smooth ride. The springs will absorb and release the many minor imperfections in the average road, so you don’t feel it, and the shock absorbers help keep your tires gripped to the road.

shiny suspension spring

Different Types of Suspension Spring

There are as many suspension spring types as vehicles on the road. As experienced suspension spring manufacturers, European Springs has manufactured suspension springs for every vehicle design.

We understand that each suspension spring needs to be tailored to the exacting specifications of the vehicle it will be installed into. For example, motorcycling, touring, and indy cars all put high demands on their suspension, so they require the most durable springs. Alternatively, a domestic vehicle won’t be operating under such extremes, so they can afford to choose a more cost-effective suspension spring design.

Coil Suspension spring

Progressive Vs. Linear Suspension Spring

The way the spring is manufactured will significantly affect the vehicle’s performance; that’s why it’s important to know what you want in your final product. There are two initial aspects of a suspension spring to consider: linear or progressive rates.

The spring rates will tell you how stiff a spring is and it’s the most significant difference between a linear or progressive design.

The benefits of a linear rate suspension spring are their simplicity. A linear rate has only one variable to it and has a consistent, predictable rate. This predictability makes accurately calculating how the spring will act under various road conditions very easy. Since this spring has only one way to respond when in use, the handling feels stiff and responsive and is an excellent choice for an average car or lorry.

However, whilst the linear rate is more popular, it can only handle the situations it was designed for, and you will have to choose to design your spring more toward either handling or comfort but not both; this is where progressive rates come in.

The benefits of progressive rate suspension springs are their adaptability. Progressive rates are more complicated to predict than linear, but they have the potential to handle both comfort and handling in a single suspension spring, something worth exploring in any new car design.

UK’s Largest Spring Manufacturer

With over 70 years of extensive experience manufacturing and distributing bespoke springs and pressings, we are confident that we can supply you with any custom spring design that your latest project requires from compression springs and tension springs to torsion springs and suspension springs.

If you would like to acquire premium suspension springs from the UK’s leading manufacturer, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch online or call us on (+44) 0208 663 1800, and one of our expert team members will be happy to discuss your required specifications.


If you would like to send drawings with your enquiry, please email us directly with your enquiry and drawings attached to info.bec@europeansprings.com

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