Gas Spring Manufacturers

Here at European Springs, we have a wide variation of Gas Springs, both standard design and specially designed to our customer’s requirements. Our standard range of Gas Springs includes 770 different items, which can be combined with 100+ end fittings and/or accessories.

Sometimes, customer’s request special requirements for dimensions, forces and other properties, and our sales advisers are on hand to guide to the best specifications for any chosen gas spring design.

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Our Competence as Gas Spring Manufacturers

Our seventy years of experience in the field of designing and producing gas springs, commonly referred to as gas struts or gas shocks, has enabled us to develop technologically in the industry; giving our wide product range the competitive edge with high quality results and excellent professional service for every single project.

Gas Springs are Excellent Shock Absorbers and Dampeners

Unlike regular coiled springs, which resist compression and extension through their mechanical structures, gas springs work due to a piston action within a high-pressured gas cylinder. They can be an excellent solution to motion control requirements within product designs, as well as being easily installed. Whilst gas springs may differ slightly, they all boast a similar design; a cylinder body with a piston, seals, inlet and outlet valves and a gas reservoir (usually nitrogen or carbon). They also offer a compact design that can be seamlessly integrated into a system.

We Strive for High-Quality in Every Design

European Spring’s gas spring range is unique and renowned for the diversity we can produce, enabling gas springs that can be used in virtually every industry from aerospace to marine application. We employ experience gas spring manufacturers and designers who not only come up with our fantastic products, but act as problem solvers; ensuring we succeed in reaching quality for every design. Whether your application requires a standard gas spring or a custom gas spring, we can help you to find the optimal solution.

Gas Spring Design

We include downloads of 3D CAD models and services in prototyping to help you calculate any configurations for your gas spring application. These services allow you to customise your gas spring in a variety of aspects that are unique and fitting for your needs.

Contact European Springs with Your Gas Spring Queries Today

Here at European Springs, we not only design your gas springs to suit your exact requirements we also supply standard gas springs. View our stock catalogue to see if we have the right springs for your project. If you have any questions about gas spring manufacturing such as spring material options available or would like to order some of our stock gas springs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 0208 663 1800, email or fill out our quick enquiry form. We look forwards to hearing from you.