Super Alloys, a Versatile Material for Your Springs

Super alloys are highly adaptable materials that have a vast range of applications within industry. Developed in the 1940s for use within jet engines, there are numerous different types of superalloys with various properties. When considering what you need from your springs, consider the merits of our range of super alloys today.

Super alloys are used within high temperature applications and offer excellent mechanical strength, good surface stability and resistance to creeping. Due to these factors the popularity of superalloys within heavy industry, within a wide range of different products, from turbines to the springs we offer here at European Springs and Pressings Ltd.

The composition of a super alloy can differ depending on which alloy you choose, but typically the base alloying element is nickel, cobalt or nickel-iron. A super alloy typically has a matrix with an austenitic face-centered cubic crystal structure.

The super alloy Inconel offers oxidisation and corrosion resistance as well as a high temperature resistance making it perfect for applications in industries where there is high pressure and kinetic energy. As Inconel retains its strength in high temperature applications it makes it the superior choice over steel and aluminium which would begin to creep in the same environments. We can create Inconel compression springs specific to your requirements to give you a spring you can rely upon in high temperatures.

Other Super Alloys to choose from include Nimonic 90, composed of 50% nickel and 20% chromium with other composites such as titanium and aluminium. Nimonic 90 offers very high performances in extreme heat and high pressure and is one of the greatest creep-resistant super alloy on the market.

When you are looking for a high quality spring that will offer brilliant creep resistance at high temperatures turn to the wide range of super alloy springs we offer here at European Springs and Pressing Ltd. Contact us at to find out more on our specialist springs today.

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