Blockbusters That Predicted the Future of Engineering

Engineering is used within a huge array of industries, but Hollywood has been particularly notable in using plotlines that envisage futuristic engineering. For instance, Iron Man’s suit has inspired an engineer to create their very own human flight machine. This is a common thread among other movies like Apollo 13, Gravity, Interstellar and The Martian.

Films can be so much more than bringing entertainment to the big screen, and some have predicted the future of engineering! Films play a vital role in how we view and use futuristic or high-tech engineering, showing just how exciting and fast-paced the industry can be.

Here at European Springs, we have listed some of the top films that have made similar predictions… can you guess what might appear on the list? Test your movie knowledge and take a look below to see if your favourite appears on the list!

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) – iPad Tablets

This 1968 epic science fiction film accurately predicted futuristic technology. For those who haven’t seen the film, a scene where astronauts are seen watching and reading from a flat screen tablet is eerily familiar in today’s world. However, it wasn’t until April 2010 that the first iPad was released, indicating that the minds behind the movie marvel were one step ahead of the technology game.

It is truly remarkable how accurately the film displayed this concept, with the design being almost identical to the invention we know today. Take a look at the clip below and see how much the movie technology resembles the modern-day Apple iPad.


 Aliens (1986) and Blade Runner (1982) – Video Calling

With the advancements in technology, we have become so used to the everyday developments which allow us to undertake simple tasks, such as video call. We are talking about software such as Skype and FaceTime that allows users to contact anyone from anywhere around the world at any time through the medium of live video phone calls.

There are two films which feature this futuristic technology years before it’s time: Aliens and Blade Runner. Both the 1980’s films feature video calling scenes which as we are well aware, were not to be invented for years to come. This is another example of how Sci-Fi films accurately predicted future technology.

Although the video calling used within the films isn’t as revolutionised as the ones we know today, it is still astonishing to consider how limited technological resources were only 30 years ago. See the first ever video call in action for yourself.

Back to the Future Part II (1989) – Virtual Reality and Hoverboard

The Back to the Future trilogy are known by many as movie classics, loved by generations and appreciated by the masses. Back to the Future II featured some brilliant technology predictions, the most obvious being the flying car (which is not an invention that has surfaced…yet!) and the hoverboard that was invented in 2015.

The film also includes ‘smart eyewear’ which spookily resembles the virtual reality devices we know of today. Take a look at the clip below featuring the hoverboard, an uncanny 25 years before its invention.

Iron Man (2008-2013) – Siri

Iron Man is a hugely successful franchise, and although fairly new compared to the other films featured on this list, it has still accurately predicted futuristic engineering technology that is used today.

The films showcase numerous enviable gadgets throughout, yet most notably Tony Stark is seen speaking to his technological assistant which responds in real time. This is similar to the Siri technology that is used in Apple operating systems today. The technology answers questions from the user, is able to assist the user with reminders or information sourcing and can even automate specific tasks, such as placing phone calls…very much like Tony Stark’s bot!

It is undeniable how much of an influence films have on the futuristic technology, with aspiring engineers creating systems that they may have been inspired to idealise from their favourite movies. As this list shows, inventions within films can very quickly become a reality, and in some cases may have even inspired real-life systems and products.

As a spring manufacturer, keeping ahead of the game and understanding the importance of futuristic ideologies within the engineering industry is our top priority. In a fast-moving market, ensuring that we are up to date and have an understanding of the most recent developments in technology is essential, therefore when we spot films contributing to developments in technology, we can’t help but get excited!

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