New Design Hub and Reception For European Springs & Pressings

Nothing says more about a business than that first instance when you walk through the door and get a glimpse of their corporate DNA.

The Beckenham office of European Springs & Pressings has recently renovated their reception space creating a new dedicated design office, boardroom and business environment, that reflects corporate brand values.

Stuart McSheehy, Managing Director of Beckenham says: “We’ve all heard the old saying “first impressions mean everything”. We’ve been at our current address since 1996 and despite investment and huge technical advances in our software and hardware, our reception space didn’t deliver the exciting memorable and immersive experience that reflects who we really are and our work ethos.”

One of the key elements of the renovation was a dedicated design space, specifically for customers.

McSheehy continues: “Design engineering is a highly creative discipline that draws on knowledge of manufacturing techniques, product development, technical design and rapid prototyping to bring new innovations to market, and to improve existing products and the processes used for making them.

“Our new design hub offers a whole new level of integration with our customers specifically for these purposes, offering an enclosed workspace where confidentialities of product design and innovative solutions can be securely shared and developed.”

Display cases highlight the diversity of products made across the group and offer a ‘shop window’ to customers enabling them to appreciate the breadth of work available through Lesjofors.

The Beckenham factory will soon be renovating further with a new factory extension planned for the summer, offering an additional 30% operational workspace.

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