MacRobert Award for Engineering Opens

This month will see applications open for the prestigious MacRobert Award for Engineering, regarded by some as the Oscars of the engineering world. The award has been presented every year since 1969 by the Royal Academy of Engineering, and seeks to celebrate innovative ideas within the engineering field.


The Engineering and Technology magazine quotes leading nuclear engineer Dr Dame Sue Ion, who will chair this year's judging panel of leading engineers, as stating that “The MacRobert Award recognises UK engineering innovations that make a real difference to our lives. It's no coincidence that many previous winning technologies are now ubiquitous in modern medicine, transport and technology.”

The first ever presentation of the award recognised the outstanding and innovate achievement of Rolls Royce for the Pegasus engine, used in the iconic Harrier aircraft, and Freeman, Fox and Partners, for their role in the design of the superstructure, the Severn Bridge.

Since these early days the award had been presented to a number of other worthy winners, including:

• The Science and Engineering Research Council in 1990, for their design and construction of the St James Clerk Maxwell telescope
• The Rover group for their new Rover metro car in 1991
• A team of Cambridge engineers in 2011 for their work on human motion technology for Kinect for the Xbox 360.

This year's winners were Cobalt Light Systems, who won the award for their design of a laser-based airport security system that could put an end to the current ban on carrying liquids. The competition is open to both individuals and also teams from organisations across a wide range of sectors, and in addition to a gold medal, winners can also receive a cash prize of £50,000.

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