Lack of Engineers Hurting Britain

Sir James Dyson has claimed that the largest single obstacle to the growth of his company is the lack of engineers in the UK. Underlying earnings at Dyson's firm increased by 19% last year, but he has still expressed his intentions to recruit an additional 650 engineers over the course of this year. However, due to a lack of British engineering graduates, many of these engineers will be sourced from overseas nations such as Singapore and Malaysia.

Dyson has claimed that the UK is far from being short of resources and innovative ideas, but the distinct lack of engineers is proving a barrier when it comes to maximising usage of the UK workforce. Dyson has criticised the UK government as failing to understand the fluctuations within the export market, and he has repeatedly stressed the importance of efficiently launched products that are affiliated with talented engineers. He has stated that the UK is lagging far behind many other countries (including India, Mexico and The Philippines) in terms of engineering graduates, and he has further expressed his frustration that much of the teaching conducted in British universities is then taken to external competitors by returning overseas students.

At European Springs we are exceptionally fortunate to have all of our UK offices staffed by a broad range of professionally trained engineers who are highly skilled in the areas of springs and pressings.  Our recent recruitment event following the restructuring of the Ford Dagenham Plant has been a noteworthy example of this, as we were able to welcome a wide range of skilled personnel into our company. The sheer quantity of committed and professional staff at European Springs means that our team now possesses some of the best mechanical minds in the engineering industry.

Because of the level of mechanical expertise that is present here at European Springs, we are able to offer some of the finest bespoke springs and pressings provided by any supplier in the world, including several varieties of complex gas springs and high load die springs. We combine this level of skill with some of the best quality materials and most exacting production standards on the market, and our status as a certified member of The Institute of Spring Technology marks us out as a leading service. Please do not hesitate to call us on +44 (0) 208 663 1800 to find out exactly how we may be able to help you.

European Springs

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