European Springs: Our Practices and Our Ethics

European Springs are one of the leading spring manufacturers and suppliers in Europe, and offer the largest range of springs and pressings of any firm within the UK. The philosophy of our company has always been to make use of the best technology than we can, however we also know the importance of maintaining high levels of integrity.  

The business practices of European Springs conform to strict policies of social and environmental responsibilities, and we strive to create a reliable business culture that exhibits strong potential when it comes to achieving long term profits.

Our Code of Conduct adheres to the internationally recognised guidelines that are common within other businesses in our sector, drawing inspiration from the UN and the ISO 26 000 standards that relate to social responsibility. Our rules are not issued on a one time basis in order to ensure that our services remain conscientious, but are instead flexible principles that are evolving on a constant basis, consistently seeing further modifications and improvements.

It is the habit of European Springs to make certain that the human rights of our employees are always respected, resulting in a workplace where prior agreements regarding the wages, developments and minimum working ages of our employees are strictly, and fairly, regulated.   Strong business ethics are one of the cornerstones of our company, and because of this we aim to guarantee that our services are directed as properly as possible.

European Springs manufacture a broad range of products, from tension springs to bespoke pressings, and all of our manufacturing procedures have been specially chosen to ensure that they minimise any negative environmental impacts. The environment is an area of strong concern for many modern businesses, and as such all of our waste products are dealt with efficiently. We are also constantly seeking to make use of recycling in an increasingly prolific manner. Our staff are personally informed and involved in these issues, and further efforts are regularly implemented to improve the environmentally friendly nature of our company.

At European Springs we believe that our three principles of technology, quality and high integrity service are extremely important. Through our dedication, we consistently deliver products that are well placed to satisfy our customers, and we do so time and time again. We have over 60 years of successful experience in our industry, so please contact us for any further information regarding the services that we provide.

European Springs

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