Market for Gas Springs Continues to Expand

A leading business that specialises in linear motion products has expanded its range of products to incorporate highly accurate gas springs. The company Isotech has implemented these gas springs to serve in a wide range of areas, and these springs have been specifically manufactured to withstand a variety of extreme weather environments.

The springs in question are expected to conform to several types, including double stroke springs and telescopic gas springs, and the flexibility of these gas springs will lend itself to a full assortment of applications.

Here at European Springs, we supply a range of standard gas springs that displays more than 700 unique items, which can then be used alongside an additional array of more than 100 end fittings and accessories. We have six decades worth of experience when it comes to producing gas springs, and our professional designers specialise in the development of extremely individual product ranges.

One of the greatest benefits of gas springs, as has been found by Isotech, is their ability to be made to the bespoke requirements of a customer. We make use of 3D CAD prototypes to allow our clients to have the maximum input possible into our spring designs. These bespoke springs can be customised according to the requirements of length and force, extension speed and oil volume, colour and finish and even comply with unique end fittings. We also provide a further collection of non-standard gas springs including gas springs that can be adjusted to suit different levels of movement, and lockable gas springs that are suitable for devices such as computer chairs or reclining seats.

European Springs and Pressings Ltd has been a leading expert in the field of spring and high press technology since our foundation in 1948, and our extensive catalogue of gas springs have been successfully used in a wide array of different procedures. Most commonly found in struts that help to support the weight of hatchback vehicle doors, other gas springs can be manufactured to huge sizes that can exert up to forty tonnes of force. Please browse through our available range of springs and pressings, and do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance.

European Springs

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