European Springs and TapePal: A Match Made in Spring Heaven

Here at European Springs & Pressings, we’re always excited to work on something new and unique. Even with more than 60 years of experience, we can honestly say we haven’t seen it all when it comes to innovative designs, which means we jumped at the opportunity provided by tape dispenser company, TapePal!

Tapepal Series of Three

What is TapePal?

Created by Karl Hurrell, who is also the company’s director, TapePal is a soon-to-be-released revolutionary compact hand-held tape dispenser, which we can’t wait to see on the shelves. After all, who doesn’t hate losing the end of their sticky tape when they most need to use it?

This is an issue that TapePal is going to solve! And the best thing about this ground-breaking product is that you can use your regular tape and won’t need to purchase a different one, meaning you can use it pretty much anywhere and for anything.

How European Springs & Pressings Helped

Karl approached European Springs & Pressings with a sticky problem; we were to create a tension spring that remained hidden but was at the heart of the design and ensured the tape dispenser worked exactly as it was envisioned by its inventor.

In Karl’s words: “Most companies I approached turned me away. It was only European Springs & Pressings that could give us what we needed. Not only did they recognise the potential of the product, they also showed belief in me and took the time to discuss my sketches, refining and engineering them into designed solutions, creating bespoke tools to deliver a manufacturing solution. The spring ‘finger’ they crafted is singly the most important element of the design and you could say they have completely ‘wrapped up’ the development and production of TapePal.”

Besides enjoying immersing ourselves into such a one-of-a-kind project, we also take customer satisfaction incredibly seriously. Our goal is always to make sure we can deliver our client’s dream, no matter how difficult it is – or how impossible it seems.

Stuart McSheehy, Managing Director of the Beckenham office of European Springs & Pressings could not have put it better. He says that “creating bespoke tool making equipment to manufacture a design solution for a specific pressed metal or wire form element is quite unique in comparison to other UK spring and pressing manufacturers.

I believe what really sets us apart is our ability to take our customers ideas and concepts and engineer them into reality, ready for both low and high volume production. This is all about keeping it personal, listening to their needs and using our combined skill sets, and some of the very best manufacturing technologies available, to solve their problems and meet their demands.”

Woman engineer using a CNC machine

Our work with Karl Hurrell and TapePal highlights the importance we give to providing high-quality service to all of our customers, as well as to products manufactured with the latest technology and with the utmost integrity.

TapePal is soon to be released, so keep an eye out for this amazing product and enjoy a whole new way of dispensing tape, whether in your home, office or workshop.

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