Case Study: Liberty in London

At European Springs we value high quality products that all of our customers can benefit from, as we strive to provide superior springs and wire forms in all shapes, sizes and materials.


We’re capable of offering many types of springs, each with its own range of applications. This diversity is incredibly useful, since it generally means you can use them in a lot of different industries, which include the medical, mechanical engineering, automotive and even the toy industry.

And, as our latest project shows, retail. Our location in Redruth worked together with Liberty in London to produce and deliver 80 springs for their fantastic window displays. While it would be expected that springs are mostly used as components for machines, here their versatility is clearly on show.


In Clear Sight

Compression springs are known for their ability to be used in machinery with moving parts, as they can be compressed and expanded at will, although here we used them for something slightly different. To showcase the stunning high end purses, sunglasses and shoes that greatly characterise the luxury of Liberty in London, we provided the client with large, sturdy compression springs capable of holding the items in place.

Although this is their main purpose, these two metre white suspended springs also work extremely well as fashionable adornments, offering a touch of style and contemporary fashion that complements the client’s brand.

Lighting frames Liberty of London  May 2016

Suspended Lights

The high couture emporium also commissioned us to create wire frames for their stunning, world-famous haberdashery section. These bespoke frames were installed in such a way as to allow them to function as light fixtures and, just as with the compression springs, add a touch of style! They also let Liberty of London add yarn and strings as a feature, which further complements the overall design of the haberdashery.

This exciting partnership clearly showcases what superior quality springs are capable of, and we couldn’t be happier with how they were integrated and used by Liberty in London. Our venture into the retail industry has also confirmed just how vast the range of applications of springs is, and it was a true pleasure to be able to create useful and beautiful pieces that made our client very happy!




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