Is Engineering a Creative Career?

People like to think of engineers as men and women in grubby blue overalls, holding an adjustable wrench and fixing the gears of a gigantic machine. And, of course, their fingers and cheeks are covered in black oil.
Well, engineers are not only the people who fix things, as you probably now. Engineering is about curiosity, wanting to understand the mechanisms behind everything – from natural phenomena to a spaceship. And, above all, engineering is about creativity.


Turning Limitations into Solutions

If you say that your sister is a creative person, the first image that comes to mind is a woman painting watercolours or composing music with her piano in the studio – and not an engineer who designs self-driving cars. However, the human mind can exercise creativity in a wide range of situations. For instance, think about an industrial company that wants to build their main building by the coast. They care about the environment and the wildlife, as well as the local people. However, the spot they have chosen is a windy place where typhoons are likely.

What should they do?

They will probably contact a team of engineers. Luckily, these are people who have been trained to create practical solution in cases where limitations seem the norm. For instance, they might design a building that uses natural and organic elements that don't pollute the environment. The design can be done in such a way that it won't need the support of pillars inside. This will create an attractive open space whilst the structure will be flexible enough so strong winds and typhoons don't break it. Finally, they may blend the external design with the traditional style of the area, so local people feel happy with the building and it turns into a landmark. As you can see, imagination is the tool to overcome obstacles and reach success.

A Wide Range of Career Choices

People who start engineering school have the chance to learn a varied stock of skills before they decide what kind of engineering career they want to specialise in. Choices are very different: aerospace, power generation, healthcare and construction, among many others. And even when engineers are already working, they can easily switch from one career path to another. Different schemes are also available such as apprenticeship and university degrees.

Taking Art as an Inspiration

Engineering is not all about machines, labs, and computer programs to design different pieces. You might be surprised, but even something very functional like our famous springs can be turned into pieces of art. For instance, our company has recently worked together with Liberty in London, where our versatile compression springs have been used to hold lights and other elements as well as serving as fashionable complements for a stunning window display. This is just an example that shows how even the fashion industry has a place for engineers!

Here at European Springs we believe that you shouldn't restrain your creativity when designing your project – but quite the opposite! Check out our assorted catalogue of springs , we're positive you'll find the perfect fit for what you have in mind.  And, of course, feel free to contact our expert team  at any time and we'll be delighted to discuss the needs of your project.

European Springs

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