Bicycle Breaks World Speed Record

When it comes to setting world records for speed, you probably wouldn't expect to see a bicycle featuring heavily in the standings. However, according to the latest news, you might have to become quickly accustomed to such an inclusion, as one particular bicycle has just been ridden at more than 200 mph at the Circuit Paul Ricard racetrack in France.


Of course, the bicycle we're talking about had a bit of an advantage, as this push bike was equipped with a handy rocket to enable these tremendous speeds. Swiss cyclist Francois Gissy manually pedalled his bike to the start line in a drag race, before he then activated the rocket to accelerate to 207 mph in just 4.8 seconds. Less than 7 seconds were needed to traverse the quarter of a mile distance; a feat that left the bike's competitor – a Ferrari 430 Scuderia – lagging far behind.