Wire forms and their infinite functions

From the manufacture of many springs like torsion and compression springs, to stocking  an extensive array of other related products like gas springs, us at European Springs have a broad knowledge of how springs are made we can pin point the different qualities within certain products.

Our expertise has led us to extending our services overtime and investing into the latest CNC equipment to be able to provide all of our customers with top quality wire forms! Wire forms are essentially wire shapes that can be used to provide the function of a standard spring. The products are made from wire that is bent into different shapes and lengths to cater for various functions in other mechanisms. Different wires are inserted into the CNC forming and pressing machinery, which then coils the wire into required shapes. Due to technology developing rapidly of late, the latest wire forming machinery is also capable of producing wire forms of different diameter.

Although the manufacture of wire forms is complex, the product design and outcome is mainly dependent upon the manufacturer's imagination. As a result of this design flexibility the products offer, wire forms can be used for a vast array of purposes including:

Conduction: Wire is a material known to be one of the best conductors of electricity. In addition, wire is capable of letting heat pass through easily, and these two characteristics make wire forms an excellent mechanism to facilitate conduction in many products. The twisted wire in light bulbs is a wire form. Some battery connections utilise wire forms' properties to function.

Load supporting link: Despite their simplicity, wire forms can assist many mechanisms in a very impressive manner. Wire forms can be used as pins in baggage or even as anchors on bridges. As mentioned earlier, the product function is only limited by the designer's thoughts.

These examples are only a very small list of the amount of the many uses wire forms can be used for. If you require wire forms, then it is important to place an order through professional companies like us at European Springs. We have the necessary equipment to produce any type of wire form you might require. We also have a team of highly skilled employees who will be able to assist you with product design to suit your individual needs. For information about our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 02086631800.

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