Schools Pupils Shown Future in Engineering

The initiative to stimulate a future generation of British engineers has been a widely discussed topic in the news of late, and many parties are now moving beyond discussion to act upon these intentions; specifically by targeting young people.


School Visits

According to The Northern Echo, potential school-age engineers at the Haughton Academy were recently invited to visit the headquarters of a leading engineering centre in the north east of the UK. All of the pupils in question were already studying a BTEC in engineering, and similarly expressed positive sentiments with regards to the continuation of the discipline in later life, but the visit was designed to showcase the possibilities within an engineering career to a much wider degree.

Educating Young People

Activities at the visit involved the designing of a viable engineering system and making the young people more aware of the types of roles that 'engineering' encompasses. Too many people associate engineering with purely mechanical activities like repairing cars, and the youth of today needs to be made more aware that this is clearly not the case.

Engineering roles can include work in architecture, science and even more varied worlds, and the myths surrounding engineering need to be dispelled as soon as possible. The support of large firms with an engineering focus will naturally be an essential part of this, as nothing is as attractive to a young person as seeing an individual engaged in a rewarding career in 'the real world', so to speak.

Our Experience

Here at European Springs and Pressings Ltd, our company is built around a strong team of skilled and enthusiastic engineers, and so we know from firsthand experience that engineering isn't dull in any sense of the word. Even relatively simple products like our torsion springs need acute problem solving skills to be implemented if they are to excel in their intended purpose, and they depend upon cutting-edge technology to see the best results realised. As such, the more youngsters that can be educated about the positive reality of an engineering career, the better.

There is a long-forecast shortage of UK engineers set to loom upon us in the not-too-distant future, and so we feel very privileged to have such a strong team employed in our premises. Because of that, you can rely on us to possess the aptitude to always create whatever springs or pressings you need, and to do so according to the highest standards on the market. To find out more, contact us by calling +44 (0) 208 663 1800 or emailing

European Springs

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