European Springs Celebrate Continued Growth

European Springs and Pressings Ltd has seen continued growth over recent years, with the figures standing at 100% organic growth over the past five years.

This has turned into real increases in revenue, with many of the benefits being passed onto customers through improved manufacturing facilities, the continuation of our high quality spring production and our new website.

Focusing on the new website, we have ensured that customers and clients are always in the loop when it comes to the latest products, processes and innovations. Our new website gives customers easy access to the information that they need, letting customers of all sizes find the products that they need and then get in touch with us. If you want to know about our compression springs, tension springs or torsion springs, you can easily find out technical information in the form of .pdf files, CAD design files and the latest videos showing how European Springs' products are created.

As European Springs & Pressings Ltd is part of Lesjöfors AB, the combined experience can help everyone involved to get the best products, experience and service. Have a look at this video from Lesjöfors, showing some of the history and methods which were used in the past production of springs.

Since European Springs started trading in 1948, continued growth has let us increase our portfolio of springs and pressings to the portfolio which you can see on the website today. With new areas being explored at all times, you can be sure to find information about the right spring for your needs, or find out where our springs are being used. From complex machinery to everyday items, you might be surprised where you can find our springs and pressings!

European Springs

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