Springs in the new Toyota Corolla

Toyota have made some clever modifications to the suspension set up of its ever popular Corolla model for a more responsive ride…

The first Toyota Corolla was introduced in 1966 and has been one of the best-selling cars since 1974. Its nameplate is the best selling nameplate in the world. The eleventh generation model was released in Japan in 2012, the US specification in June of this year and the European version will hit the forecourts in 2014. The new model is being hailed as the Corolla's most attractive incarnation yet.

The car has a more contemporary design, increased internal space, unrivalled fuel economy, improved driving dynamics and enhanced safety features. At European Springs, we make springs for a vast array of uses in the automotive industry and as a result, we were interested in how the spring and suspension system of the Corolla had been improved in the new model.

The Corolla uses a MacPherson strut and rear torsion beam suspension system. The front strut features a 35mm diameter shock absorber cylinder. The length of the urethane stopper has also been reduced which means that the strut can be accommodated at a lower height. There is also a new upper support used; these changes work together to reduce high frequency vibration and enhance steering response.

The coil springs used in the suspension system have also been adapted to be more compact and lightweight by giving them a pigtail design. The reaction force of the coil springs is controlled with a lateral force reduction spring. Torsion springs are some of the most useful to the automotive industry; they have not been overlooked in this vehicle either. The rear torsion beam suspension is lightweight and has been similarly modified with supports, urethane stoppers and pigtail coil springs. A reduced spring rate and retuned dampers further improve the ride of the car, its responsiveness and stability.

The new Toyota Corolla benefits from this improved suspension system, improved safety features and other improvements and adaptations across the board. European Springs make springs for manufacturers throughout the automotive industry. Our work mostly focuses on torsion springs as they are the most widely applied to car parts, however we can make and design any given spring solution to suit your needs.

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