Specifying a Spring for your Design

If you have a design in development, especially if it is one of your first products, you may be bewildered by the dizzyingly steep learning curve and find yourself confused by how to manage all of the various considerations.  Cost, weight, durability, appearance and practicality will be just a few of the metrics against which you will have to asses each decision which sums to your design.

You will find that prototyping is an essential step in developing your design.  Once you are down to a fairly definite design and you have a good understanding of your product, it will be time to perfect the detailing and ready your product for manufacture.   As springs are often among the components and materials you will need to establish a supply of, we here at European Springs are well placed to assist you.

We are experienced spring manufacturers and stockists and we have a dizzying variety of springs available off the shelf.  Not only do we stock nearly every class of spring but we also offer different finishes and material to suit your project's requirements, lifespan and budget.  Extensive technical information is included in our catalogue but as we know our range better than anyone, it would be wise to discuss your needs with one of our dedicated specialists to make sure our springs will match the load requirements in your blueprints.  We have access to the latest software, allowing us to make very accurate calculations based on the parameters you provide and even offer suggestions on how best to mount certain springs.

Our production facilities are very advanced and we aim to constantly improve and expand our production.  If your idea requires a unique approach and is of a suitable scale, a custom component may even be created to suit your specification. Our experts, with their extensive knowledge of spring design, will take into account all the specifications of your design and identify the best materials and processes to create a bespoke spring that fits.

Whatever product you're developing, and whether you're looking for standard or custom springs, contact us and see how we can help you through design and prototype to your final product.

European Springs

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