A New Age of Robotics?

At European Springs and Pressings, products like our tension springs see use in a wide variety of situations, and it's fair to say that some of these situations are more glamorous than others. In terms of public perception, the area of robotics is an especially exciting area that springs might be found in, and there's certainly plenty to talk about on that topic at present.


A Welcome Fact?

Whilst the subject of robotics is fascinating, there are actually plenty of people who don't view the subject with the same amount of enthusiasm as others. After all, many systems can be classed as robots, and not all these innovations are judged to be welcome. For example, The Telegraph reports how a senior figure from Microsoft has stated that 'robots will be running the City within 10 years', which is obviously a huge claim to make.

It is suggested that artificial intelligence is increasing at such a rapid rate that it will shortly render human contribution in many jobs obsolete. Although it has been stressed that this fact will only result in the remaining 'human-exclusive' roles being even more valuable to society, such a line of thought is still likely to suggest that some jobs are going to be entirely lost.

People who use their hands as a part of their jobs are likely to find that their positions will remain safe – should this sophisticated future ever become a reality, of course – but professions like investment bankers and analytics could (in theory) be wiped out wholesale. Algorithms are being hailed as the key to such a society, as they allow artificial intelligence to make increasingly accurate decisions.

The Future of Robotics

The role that robots are going to play in the future is undoubtedly an interesting subject, and although certain concerns may be raised about select details of this role, there is undoubtedly a lot of good that can come from such a vision as well. This week, The Guardian reports how the Sheffield Festival of the Mind is set to showcase all of the very latest news from the world of robotics, and there will be a wide variety of talking points that will be explored.

So called 'digital intimacy', robotic warfare and robots in health and social care are among the confirmed topics, so it will be extremely interesting to see what comes of this gathering. The purpose of the Festival is to directly address people's concerns in this area, and then take these problems on board within future work, so at least people can rest assured that the field of robotics is listening to the world at large.

Here at European Springs, our springs and pressings are used in a wide variety of robotic applications, and also see frequent inclusion within various other industries as well. Because of that, we're intrigued to learn about the future of the robotic industry, but in the here-and-now we're also well placed to meet any need for springs that you may have. To find out more about how we could assist you, please feel free to contact us now by calling +44 (0) 208 663 1800 or emailing our team at info.bec@europeansprings.com.

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