What is the Future of Humanity and Robotic Aids?

The relationships between humanity and technology is one that is constantly developing and changing on a daily basis. As technology furthers, it constantly calls into question the role it will play in human society and how far this relationship can be pushed. Most recently by the invention of an A.I. system which has been developed to help people recover during physical therapy sessions.

So, what is the future of robotics and what effect will this have on humanity, and more importantly its workforce?


The Therapy Robot

A.I. is the way forward for people experiencing reduced mobility because of accidents or other medical ailments. To help assist people to walk after major trauma, a robotic harness is attached to offer a fully tailored treatment that has proven to immediately improve mobility. Typically, one wrong move during physical therapy can lead to gait issues down the line. But, this robotic aide helps to negate this risk.

It also limits the manpower necessary for such a task, as several physiotherapists needed in the past can be replaced by this one smart harness. It is smart because it can detect when someone is performing irregular movements during the therapy and help to adjust them, on a much more minute scale than a physiotherapist ever would be able to. Meaning people can experience therapy on a much more efficient and beneficial level than ever before.

The Worry

Of course, again and again, the worry regarding this rise in robotics is humanity pushing itself to the side as a result. Unskilled workers will lose jobs in favour of a robotic counterpart. Fewer jobs in already worrying working climate is an even scarier prospect for many, so this increased role for robots is not met with enthusiasm on all sides at all.

This physical therapy helper isn’t the only skilled working robot currently under development. One robot that may revolutionise the fast food world can make a burger in 10 seconds flat, so could soon replace whole teams of kitchen staff at large corporate location beginning with the letter ‘M’. Apple’s virtual assistant will seem like child’s play to the future A.I., also. Meaning even rudimentary office assistant professions will also become obsolete as well as unskilled labour.

The more sophisticated and specialised the robotics become, the more of the workforce they can take over. From physical therapy to fast food, their limitations are only technical limitations and lack of imagination in this initial stage.

However, as many people who think this is negative, there are those who see this growth of robotics as a positive development. That it will, in fact, allow people to save time and pursue more important things in life other than menial working tasks. Leading to further entrepreneurship, creativity and the overall advancement of humanity.

Whatever your stance on the future of humanity and robotics, there is one thing for sure: if the future is robotic, then there will definitely be the need for a spring or two – even in space! At European Springs we always ensure every project is of the highest possible quality to ensure that we meet your requirements.

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