Springs in the Fitness Industry

The turn of the year signifies one thing: New Years Resolutions.

With a recent ComRes poll discovering that a hearty 38% of us will have promised ourselves to exercise more this year, it is no secret that gyms will see a sharp rise in memberships.

Joining the gym can be a daunting experience, and a problem many will endure is finding what type of exercise works for you.

Benefits of Resistance Training

A fantastic way to lose weight and tone up is through resistance training.

By applying resistance to muscular contraction, you build strength, endurance and increase the size of your muscles.

The degree of intensity can be altered entirely by the individual, making it an adaptable and effective way to work out in the gym. In addition, there are several ways that you can try resistance training, adding variety and versatility to your workout.

Take a look at this handy video for tips and tricks on how to implement resistance training into your routine.

Spot the Springs

A common feature in resistance training is the use of springs. Below are some examples of how springs can improve your workout.

Chest Pull Expander – A more obvious choice, as the springs used on a Chest Pull Expander are exposed. This versatile piece of equipment works by applying resistance to a variety of areas on the body, through a simple pulling motion.

Hand Forearm Grip – A smaller, yet still effective piece of gym equipment is the Hand Forearm Grip. Similar to the Chest Pull Expander, this grip works through the applying of pressure around a resistant spring, which is held in the hand. The grips are an effective way to train the forearm and can be used in a range of environments, from the gym to the office, to at home.

Shock Absorption Treadmills – Strenuously important when working out the joints is ensuring that minimal impact is experienced. This can be achieved with a Shock Absorption Treadmill, which includes springs in the belts, decks and shock systems. The treadmill operates in the same way as traditional machines of the same name, however, a Shock Absorption Treadmill absorbs any sharp increases in pressure, ensuring the rebound holds less of a negative impact long term.


Personal Trampolines – Providing rebound, springs are used on personal trampolines. The trampolines, which are sometimes referred to as ‘mini-trampolines’, inject fun into the sometimes boring workout, and again, reduce the impact on existing injuries or ailing joints.

Multi-station Trainer – The Multi-station Trainer uses Lockable Gas Springs to increase pressure,thus promising a more intense, and worthwhile all over workout. With several variations in exercises available, most multi-station trainers focus on one part of your body at a time, creating a multitude of possibilities in your routine.

Here at European Springs, we make and supply a variety of springs, wire forms and pressings to several industries; the fitness industry being just one. Did you realise any of your equipment required springs?

Contact us today to learn more about our services and products – the range of uses for our springs are in abundance.

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