Springing into the New Year: A Historical Timeline of New Beginnings for Manufacturing [INFOGRAPHIC]

The world is full of marvellous inventions, which we wouldn’t be able to live without today. From the simplest coming of electricity to the first moving assembly line; we can take great advantage of these, without knowing.

The humble spring, we know today dates back to the 1700’s and can we really imagine the world without it today? The world without the spring would be a very different place without springs and we can’t help but wonder if we would even have the types of vehicles we drive today or even the health equipment we rely on without these.

Dating back to the beginning of time, humans have had their thinking caps on, conjuring up ways to improve our lives, and while the spring may just be one incredible manufacturing marvel, there seems to be an infinite list of others. With that thought and the new year upon us, we thought it perfect timing to celebrate just a few of the new beginnings for manufacturing which have contributed to the world we know and love today, in an infographic!  Who knows what will be next year?


We hope you enjoyed taking a look at just some of the manufacturing marvels which have shaped our day to day lives. If it wasn’t for Peter Cooper Hewitt would we even have paved the way for electrical lighting? Without Percy Spencer would we not be able to heat up our food? Or without John Enfield would we even have the ‘hole in the wall’ to get our hard-earned money from? Above all the questions, would any of these even be possible today without the humble spring?

Here at European Springs, we are passionate about all things engineering and manufacturing and believe it is truly important to revel in what greatness the world of engineers and inventors have brought to everyone. We work with many industries who have been a part of manufacturing industries such as pharmaceuticals, the motor industry, off-shore industries, telecoms, electrical industries and many more. If you would like to know any more about our services, simply get in touch with our team.

We can’t help but get excited about what 2018 will bring!

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