Flat Springs: Not Your Typical Spring

When most people think of springs, they tend to think of a tightly coiled wire form; such as that commonly seen in compression springs for example. However, springs are actually hugely varied, and some types of spring do not conform to this famous aesthetic.


One of most notable non-coil forms of spring is the flat spring. Made from a simple piece of pressed material, usually metal, flat springs could quite easily be classed as a pressing in terms of their shape, and they are used in a wide variety of applications. One of the most common uses they are put to is within electrical appliances, where they regularly serve as contacts. Because of this intended purpose, flat springs are typically subjected to sophisticated coating processes after they are manufactured. This allows their properties of conductivity, durability and resistance to be considerably increased, and results in them being entirely fit for purpose.

Flat springs come in a myriad of different shapes, and a well known variation known as the leaf spring is often situated within oil or gas pipes. Also used in car suspension, leaf springs are actually one of the most venerable types of spring, dating all the way back to the medieval era in certain forms.  You might think that the design of a flat spring would make them very inflexible, and thus prevent them from storing energy in the manner of a more 'traditional' spring. However, you would be wrong, as the high grade material used within flat springs enables them to retain potential energy when bent, compressed or twisted, despite their rather unorthodox shape.

The unconventional shape of flat springs is only constrained by the imagination, and here at European Springs we can produce flat springs that vary in thickness, material, radius, geometry, and even more specific ways. This means that we can manufacture flat springs to meet almost any need. Our flat springs are punched, cut or bent from sheet metal to suit your exact requirements, and each tiny component adheres to our stringent quality control standards at all times.

As one of the most renowned spring manufacturers in the whole world, we cover a full assortment of different spring types within our established catalogue. Whether a spring looks the way you imagine a spring would look like, or actually takes a completely different form altogether, is ultimately irrelevant, as our comprehensive service can supply any type of spring that your mind can conceive. Please get in touch with us now and we'll be pleased to discuss your requirements.

European Springs

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