What’s the Difference Between Spring Clips and Wire Forms?

The visual similarity between spring clips and wire forms can lead to some confusion over their applications.


Here at European Springs we consider it important to distinguish between them, in order for you to take full advantage of what they have to offer – and so that the machinery they’re used in can function perfectly.

Wire Forms
Wire forms are capable of being used in a variety of settings and offer a wide range of applications. They’re created out of super alloys with base elements like nickel and cobalt, and are capable of enduring extremely high temperatures. They can also be manufactured in any shape and form, contrary to what happens with springs, meaning that whatever piece is needed for a project, a wire form can be designed to meet that need.

Spring Clips
Contrary to wire forms, spring clips are commonly used to connect two moving parts by being slotted between them – they can also hold something in place if necessary. But just as with wire forms, they’re made from super alloys that allow them to withstand high temperatures. They provide a strong grip that is capable of resisting tension and reduce vibration, making them ideal to keep hold of machinery parts, whether they’re stationary or not.

Difference Between Them
By definition, a spring is something that changes shape according to an external force but returns to its original one when that force is removed. This could be the difference between spring clips and wire forms, but even though these clips are springs, they act more like fasteners, so they don’t get deformed.
This lack of similarity with other springs might mean that they’re more related to wire forms instead, but that’s not the case, because their main difference can be found in their function. Wire forms are manufactured as components for computers, for example, or even pins, so they cannot be used to hold two moving parts in place, like spring clips can.
Spring clips are, in shape and form, circlips, so you can also use them to replace the combination of nuts, bolts and washers that often hold parts together. You can find an example of this in drive shafts, which are made from several different moving components.

Wire forms are, then, vital components that make up a piece of machinery, while spring clips are used to hold different parts together – and whether you require springs or wire forms for your project, our products are always manufactured to the highest of standards and with the utmost precision.
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