UK Engineering Continues To Seek New Growth

The recently reported lack of UK engineers continues to be highlighted in many news articles, with Scotland constituting the latest nation to be singled out as limited in this area. According to figures produced by the Office for National Statistics, a quarter of the Scottish workforce involved in the construction and engineering industries are predicted to retire within the next 20 years, and not enough replacement engineering graduates are expected to come through the education system.

This problem has been well documented throughout the UK, and Technical Academy Scotland is desperately attempting to attract more women into the sectors of engineering and construction. Women are well known to be under represented in these industries, and are sorely needed to increase their level of participation. Calls are also being made for young women to keep their options open with regards to engineering at A Level stages, and it is hoped that more will begin to select physics as an appropriate A Level to meet this end.

Other organisations across the UK are also taking up related causes to revive British engineering, and one north east company, LFH Engineering, is prioritising the development of many of its younger employees by helping them to attain nationally recognised qualifications. The Tomorrow's Engineers Week, running throughout early November, is also aiming to raise the profile of engineering careers within many young circles, and encourage them to tailor their study paths to pursue these careers.

As many British organisations struggle to establish teams of home-grown engineers, here at European Springs we are extremely privileged and very proud to have some of the most highly skilled individuals within the UK on our staff. Questions may remain over the ability of the engineering industry to meet future demand on a national scale, but we have been supplying the electric, electronic, motor, off-shore, pharmaceutical and telecom industries with quality products for decades, and this provision shows no sign of waning.

Much of our success comes from our ability to manufacture our products to meet our clients' exact specifications, and our products, such as our diverse range of gas springs, make full use of our experienced designers and engineers to produce truly optimal solutions. Please do not hesitate to contact us and find out how our bespoke springs and pressings could be benefitting your industry today.

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