The Woman Who Shaped The World: Famous Female Engineers (Part 3).

March is the Women’s History Month and we want to keep discussing the role of women in the engineering sector. Women working in engineering have, without a doubt, shaped the world.


However, statistics say that only 9% of the engineering workface is female. This situation is far from ideal for a country like UK, which urgently needs to increase the number of people with engineer skills.

Hopefully, there are women today that are doing a great work in the engineering sector and will definitely inspire the next generation of women engineers in UK and all over the world.

Linda Cureton – NASA

Cureton is a top technologist in NASA, where she works with some of the fastest computers in the world and last technology machines used to make experiments in outer space. She is a Mathematics and Applied Mathematics graduate and received several awards, such as the one from Washingtonian Magazine, Tech Titans, in 2011.

Marissa Mayer – Yahoo

Mayer was the first female engineer to be employed by Google and since 2012 she is works at Yahoo. She’s an expert on search technologies and key products that include the toolbar, among others. Since she was young she excelled in biology, calculus, physics and chemistry: all of these are the disciplines that make engineering possible. She was listed in the Forbes Magazine’s List of the 100 World’s Most Powerful Women.

Lauren States – IBM

States  joined IBM just after finishing college in the late 1990’s. Inside this company she had all sorts of roles from executive assistant to technical sales in the software group, but she’s best known for being behind IBM’s cloud computing strategy. She is also the creator of one of IBM’s international leadership development programs.

Jen FitzPatrick – Google

FitzPatrick is one of Google’s first employees as she joined the company in 1999. Since then she has helped them develop their search services. Her current project is improving the company geo-mobile technology. She leads the Google Map’s team who connects more than 1 billion people all over the world.

Ruchi Sanghvi – Dropbox

Sanghvi was Facebook first female engineer before she started her own company, Cove, which was finally sold to Dropbox. She joined Dropbox’s team in 2012 where she become Head of Operations. She won a TechFellow ‘Best Engineering Leadership Award’ in 2011 for her work at Facebook.

Women had been always present in the history of engineering: Marilyn Jorgensen Reece designed one of US’s most travelled roads and Stephanie Louise Kwolek discovered ‘Kevlar’, a product used to create bulletproof items. Above all, being an engineer is about knowing how things work to make life easier. We have the same philosophy at European Springs, where our spring catalogue will suit the needs of your project. We are also happy to discuss with you changes that we can implement in our products to make sure you get the maximum profit from them.

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