The Uses of Medical Springs and Motor Springs

Medical springs and motor springs are used in very different yet vital industries, and the particularities of each differ significantly. Medical springs need to be as small as possible, whereas with motor springs what matters is the strength of their performance – which can be intensified by using them in groups instead of on their own.


Medical springs

Medical springs use micro coil technology, which means that the wire size can be as small as 0.03mm with their components ranging from 0.10mm to 0.8mm. To achieve this we use the latest technology in laser sensors. Apart from details, we also care about the resistance of our springs: the reinforced polymer tubing assures strength and durability so our springs always perform as if they were used for the first time. Because of their specific purpose, medical springs need to be the most hygienic of all and that is why we build them with stainless steel. Also, the long coil lengths are coated with PTFE and undergo scrupulous cleaning techniques so there is zero risk when these springs are being used.

Motor springs

In motor springs, strength is the key feature. At European Springs we give them a special design that allows them to have an average 10-20 spring force turn. Also, this design provides rotational energy from the attached shaft, locked with a catch, pin or housing edge. Something you need to know when using motor springs is that if you require more torque than a standard one can provide, you can use them in groups. If that is the case, we can give you our motor springs covered in a protective nylon band to minimize the friction. If you have any doubt on how to lubricate them effectively you can contact us and we will be glad to help.

The importance of getting the best spring

Springs are essential to everyday life. In the case of medical and motor springs, you want the highest quality possible to make sure that they are both hygienic and efficient in areas where mistakes can be fatal. Our laser technology allows our medical springs to be precise and reliable. In the case of motor springs, we offer them already prepared to work in groups so they can give you the exact torque that you need.

European Springs have been manufacturing since 1948 and you can find us all over the UK. We are an experienced business who have always kept up to date with technological advances to make sure you can purchase the best spring to cover all your needs. If you have any questions or want to discuss the requirements of your project don't hesitate in contacting our team on 0208 663 1800 and follow us on Facebook and Twitter

European Springs

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