The Many Uses of Custom Springs

Ever since the invention of modern springs in the early 15th century, engineers and manufacturers alike have discovered an uncountable amount of uses for the humble spring. In fact, there are actually dozens of different spring varieties—from cantilever springs (which are used in devices such as diving boards) to torsion springs (found in mousetraps). Indeed, the plethora of uses gave rise to an entire industry dedicated to perfecting the manufacture of spring-like devices.


Our Crucial Role in the Industry

European Springs stocks items as conventional and straightforward as springs and fasteners, all the way up to complex gas springs, ready for same-day dispatch. Whether it’s a small business or a large-scale operation, our clients trust us to stock them with high-quality spring components with every single delivery. One common use of the gas spring, for example, is its implementation in the manufacture of air guns and recoil buffers. Gas springs that operate with high pressure can store a huge amount of energy, allowing them to be used as a power pack. Another great application of the gas spring includes its ability to operate the main valve on Formula 1 race cars. It is also worth noting that gas springs come in numerous varieties, including the following: non-rotating cylinder, cable cylinder, standard cylinder, fixed-height cylinder, dual-mode cylinder, heavy-duty cylinder, and more.

Additional Custom Uses

Because we stock 12,000 items at our Yorkshire facility, we have just about every spring under the sun. Aside from the aforementioned gas springs, we also stock torsion springs, tension springs, extension and compression springs, and an array of other kinds. Rest assured that we have the expertise and equipment to help cater to your needs, whether you’re producing something as simple as mousetraps, or something as complicated as a newly patented piece of complex machinery. Additionally, if you’re not completely sure of what spring you’ll need, that’s totally fine! You can read below to find out more information pertaining to your next spring acquisition.

Find Out More

More than anything else, we want to turn your ideas into a tangible reality. Because we cater to even the smallest of clients, you don’t need to feel concerned about your project being “too insignificant”. You can contact us to speak to any of our friendly and professional staff, who will be excited to help you fulfil your requirements.

European Springs

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