The Incredible Advancement of Spring Manufacture

Here at European Springs, we are very proud to be able to offer one of the most sophisticated, efficient and technologically advanced methods of spring production there is. Like many industries, methods of spring production and the performance and reliability of machinery have advanced significantly in recent years, and production lines have been revolutionised.

In the present day, due to the advancement in technology we have been able to produce the UK's widest range of springs, supporting an incredibly wide range of industries and uses. Our springs are used in an incredibly wide range of products across the world and very simple compression springs are a vital part of countless operations, from revolutionary high performance cars and Aerospace engineering, to traditional everyday items such as trampolines.

At European Springs, we have been manufacturing high quality springs of various types for over 60 years.  In this time, the basic products we produce have changed little, apart from improvements in strength, and an explosion in the purposes for their use; our methods of production however, have been transformed.