The Greatest Feats of Underwater Engineering: The Aquarius Reef Base

There are hundreds of natural wonders around the world. These are spectacular structures and sights that weren’t created by man but simply by nature throughout history.

Whilst we find these truly fascinating, we found the structures and buildings that were built by humans to be far more interesting.


These engineering feats and marvels around the world can be described as being ‘awe-inspiring’ – just how and why were they created?

The ones that really fascinate us are the engineering feats that were created in the most hostile of locations – complicated and high pressure.

In this new series, we will be looking at the engineering feats that exist underwater – one of the most complex locations. In this post, we will be looking closely at The Aquarius Reef Base.

What is The Aquarius Reef Base?

The Aquarius Reef Base is probably the most famous engineering feat that exists below sea level. Located in Florida Keys, it’s located on the ocean floor – 62 feet below the surface. It’s an undersea laboratory, the only one in the world, which is dedicated to the world of science and education. It’s actually owned by the Florida International University.

These days, it’s mostly used by marine biologists. It’s the perfect place to carry out studies on the coral reef, as well as learn more about the fish and plants that are located nearby. They have specialised computers that allow them to carry out research just as they would on land.

How Does it Function?

The habitat allows for up to four scientists and two technicians to be present for missions which can last around ten days. These ‘aquanauts’ use saturation diving to live and work under the water for weeks at a time. This allows them to work out when they need to return to the surface before the body is saturated.

The habitat includes different compartments – divided into a live and work area for the people who are working there.

The main compartment is described as being similar to a submarine – it maintains normal atmospheric pressure. The ‘Entry Lock’ is the area in which is used as a waiting room, whilst the pressure is adjusted to match the main compartment. There is also a ‘wet porch’ which is where they can have access to water through a moon pool.

There is also a bathroom and life support systems. The whole layout of the Aquarius Reef Base means that the workers can easily return to the surface without using a decompression chamber.

It’s extremely exciting – the work they carry out is very important.

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