The Future’s Bright for Engineering Graduates

As producers of comprehensive compression, expansion, bespoke and torsion springs, we like to keep an eye on the engineering community. With the industry fighting to capture the attention of more young people we ask how bright is the future for our current engineering graduates?


The Need for Engineers Has Increased

Believe it or not, the future’s looking particularly bright for graduate employability. In the coming years we’re looking at improving our renewable energy. The world is slowly coming to terms with greener living and accordingly we need our engineers to turn their sector specific skills to the creation and maintenance of cutting-edge green technology and energy saving buildings. For that, the UK needs more than 87,000 graduate level engineers between now and 2020!

This is great news for new, bright eyed engineers as it offers them far more job opportunities after graduation.

What Does This Mean For Our Graduates?

With such a high demand our graduates can look to their future with a smile on their faces. Prospect’s annual article on What do graduates do? has taken a look into the lives of 8,420 full and part-time engineering graduates from January this year.

The report showed a very satisfying and encouraging report of increased employability for graduate engineers, despite the devastating lack of employability the industry suffered almost 5 years ago.  To paint a picture for you, civil engineering graduates have seen an amazing 81.6% of graduates in jobs this year while 77.2% of Electrical engineers and 78.6% of engineers found themselves in relevant jobs straight out of university.

These figures see the industry hitting above average in the overall employment of 2015 graduates and that, ladies and gentlemen, we love to see!

What’s Next For Our Young Engineers?

There’s been a great movement since the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s president took centre stage in encouraging more women to join the industry, yet to further improve the number of sector specific engineers, more needs to be done. Changing how people see the industry, for a start, can greatly help bring in more bright eyed and creative minds, not to mention offering yet more employability possibilities.

Here at European Springs we like to help our industry when and where we can. Offering engineering opportunities for young engineers is one way we can help ensure our industry is a thriving and exciting community.

If you’d like to find out more about our engineering opportunities, or about our diverse and comprehensive work, don’t hesitate to contact us today on 0208 663 1800 or, alternatively, you can check out the latest news and updates by following us on Facebook and Twitter!

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