The Future Toyota-1: Futuristic vehicle design

Japanese car manufacturing guru, Toyota recently unveiled its latest design vehicle design: The Toyota FT-1 sports cars. This vehicle features futuristic elements of product design that Toyota indicated will be implemented in the manufacture of their next car innovations. A Toyota spokesperson stated the company 'was aiming to move away from making less risky cars towards making vehicles that connect more deeply with customers'.  

This latest development is not the only one in the vehicle industry. There has been a prediction of competition increase as companies aim to take a modern approach on design. The war in futuristic designs will undoubtedly benefit the organisations manufacturing components for vehicle production. This extends from companies that provide large parts like the metal for the car's body and essential part providers like engine designers, to the smallest component manufacturers like ourselves at European Springs as we design tension springs used in many parts of the vehicles like the doors.

The innovative FT-1 sports vehicle was released at the recent auto show that took place in Detroit. Many other vehicle-manufacturing brands also attended the ongoing show to showcase their latest developments. German based manufacturer Mercedes unveiled their latest C-class sedan while Ford had a lightweight version of the Ford F-50 pick-up truck to show the world.

The competition in design and manufacture with the vehicles industry is set to increase as the fierce forces look to establish a stronger foothold within the market. Although Toyota is the market leader, firms like U.S manufacturers General Motors and Ford look to pose a great deal of threat in the next few years following their recent internal brand renewal strategies. German company Volkswagen has not hidden their ambitions either. The firm has set its sights on dominating the vehicle manufacturing industry by the year 2018.

With all this competition for market share heating up, car manufacturers have scheduled plenty of innovations as companies look to attract customers from across the globe. The majority of these vehicle designs will feature value added characteristics, with the Ford F-50 being an excellent example. The vehicle's body is built using a metal that comprises of 95% aluminium to reduce the utility vehicle's weight by a considerable amount. The latest F-50 truck now weighs 300kg less than the older model.

This and other developments are set to be on the market in the next few months. Overall, the predictions made make the future look bright for the entire vehicle manufacturing industry and many economies will flourish as this industrial rejuvenation will result in a snowball effect that many people shall benefit from.

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