The ‘Future of Engineering’ Competition is Launched

Engineering superstars of the future are encouraged to apply for a fantastic opportunity which is hosted by the Royal Academy of Engineering and Entrepreneur First.


The ‘Future of Engineering‘ competition has been launched to help find upcoming engineering talent and provide a platform for them to grow their skills and ideas in order to become a successful part of such a  vast industry.

Why New Talent is So Crucial

The nature of engineering means that it is constantly evolving and, although there’s many skilled, established engineers in the industry already, it’s the addition of new, creative minds that propels the industry forward.

The future of engineering lies with the next generations and their new ideas and understanding of what the world needs as they grow. This isn’t to say that older engineers don’t understand innovation, they just might not see something in a way which younger engineers might!

With the right coaching and encouragement, the UK holds the key to some of the most forward thinking, creative engineering minds in the world.

The Competition

With the future of the industry in mind, teams at The Royal Academy of Engineering and Entrepreneur First have come up with a competition that is targeted towards student engineers, junior engineers and PHD candidates.

In order to apply, engineers must visit the competition’s website and submit some information about themselves. This includes what level of engineering they are currently at, as well as a little about their background.

Candidates will also be asked to cover what they are wanting to achieve in the engineering industry, and how their developed skills and ideas, coupled with their knowledge of engineering, will allow them to create something that will have a “profound and positive global impact”.

The lucky winner of the competition will receive £10,000 to put towards the idea that they pitch in their application, and a runner up will receive an equally impressive £5,000 to do the same. As the two organisations hosting the competition are invested in the future, both the winner and the runner up will be offered business and engineering mentoring from some of the best minds in the respective industries to help them make their ideas a reality.

This opportunity is one not to be missed, and we encourage any young engineers who follow our blog to apply – you never know, this might be the perfect step up in your career and help you and your ideas get noticed!

The Future of Engineering

Engineering often has the stigma of being very technical and boring to those who don’t understand the industry. While the nature of engineering is primarily technical, it doesn’t mean that engineers can’t be creative – how would we progress otherwise?

Creativity and ingenuity is crucial in our industry, and its what fuels innovation and future-proofing engineering masterpieces. By encouraging younger generations to come up with ideas and products on a platform such as this, we’re enabling our industry to move with the times and produce some integral pieces which could essentially revolutionise our world.

Here at European Springs, we’re excited to find out about the winning idea, and wish all entrants into the competition the best of luck!

If you’re looking for reliable, durable springs and wire forms, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our own engineering experts – we’ll be more than happy to help you in any way we can!

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