The Benefits of Buying Off the Shelf

At European Springs, we love getting creative and coming up with brand new designs that solve our customers’ problems. We’ve had the opportunity to do this for a whole range of clients, coming up with innovative solutions for exciting projects.

While we often work with custom springs, we also have a vast catalogue of springs that you can buy off the shelf. There are a number of benefits to buying springs off the shelf – they must just be the perfect fit for your next project.


Tried and Tested

One of the great things about buying springs off the shelf is the fact that you can have the confidence that these springs have been tried and tested by countless others before you. Of course, at European Springs, we only supply high-quality springs and wire forms, so you have the assurance that you can rely on these elements to perform the purpose for which they are designed.

A Quick Turnaround

In some cases, you may need to opt for custom spring design, but this is a process that takes time. Of course, it is worth the wait if you require a bespoke spring or wire form. However, if your requirements can be met by springs we already have in stock, you can also benefit from a quick turnaround as you cut out the process needed to create and produce a brand-new design. If you have tight deadlines for your project, this can be hugely beneficial.

At European Springs, we have plenty of experience in working to tight deadlines – something we displayed when we created 650 bespoke springs for the Tate Modern in a matter of days. Our client even said,

“Stuart and his team could not have been more dedicated to delivering our brief. We appreciated it was a really tight turnaround, but they were fearless and achieved the near impossible – securing high numbers of an exceptional quality of products and in a matter of two days too.”

Perfect for PrototypesEuropean Springs Catalogue

We have the great opportunity to work with innovative people, inventing brand new devices of all descriptions. This means that we can start working with you at an early stage as you create a prototype and test your product. At this stage, many engineers and inventors may find that opting for an off-the-shelf spring is the best option as they test and refine their product.

While this may later lead to the creation of custom springs, the prototype and testing stage is often a good time to choose springs from our catalogue.


You can download our spring catalogue here where you will find the details of our vast range of springs. If you need a little help to choose the perfect product for your requirements, we will be more than happy to assist. Just get in touch with a member of our team by calling us on 0203 663 1800 or by dropping us an email at

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