Springs are the key to comfort

Elasticity is an absolute must for any material that is designed to provide comfort. These materials need to yield t to a certain point but provide enough support to keep you in position. Over the years thousands of materials have been used to provide comfort, but it is the simple compression spring that has continued to provide an effective amount of support.

Compression springs can be tailored to exert an exact amount of force making them perfect for all comfort applications.

Springs in sofas
The likelihood is that your sofa at home will contain some sort of spring system to ensure that it is as comfortable as possible. Traditionally sofas used type of spring known as a zigzag spring that sat underneath the cushions to provide support and cushioning. These zigzag springs will over time begin to sag and leave your sofa feeling uncomfortable, a more modern practice is to use pocket-sprung areas in sofas. By using small compression springs in higher numbers these sofas provide extra comfort with much increased resilience.
Springs in Mattresses
Mattresses have implemented the effectiveness of compression for years and almost all mattresses will contain springs. Originally mattresses were simply sacks that had been stuffed with materials that ranged from down and feathers to straw. In the late 19th century the invention of the box spring (A type of compression spring) revolutionised mattress manufacture and made excellent levels of comfort and durability easily available.
Springs on the road
The entire history of motored transport is thanks in no small part to springs and the compression spring especially. There are hundreds of springs in every vehicle and the ensure part from the locks to the carburettor work reliably. The most notable use of springs in a car is in the suspension and manufacturers have implemented compression springs for years now. Their adjustability is the key to their success, they can be made incredibly hard to suit a racing car or be used to make a car ride smoothly over even the most pot-holed surface. In spite of the development of new air-suspension technology cars such as the classic Jaguar XJS that use classic compression springs are still regarded as the most comfortable ever to exist.
Here at European springs we have been at the fore-front of spring design and manufacture for over 60 years and know the importance of quality. Not only can we provide springs in huge quantities we can also provide them in a range of materials and guarantee that the quality will always be unimpeachable.

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