Spring Mounted Device Used to Create Detailed 3D Scans

Springs are a mainstay within a whole range of mechanisms. With a huge assortment of designs, from large springs to small springs, and long springs to flat springs, there is no shortage of uses for a well placed spring.

Every so often though, you hear a story about springs that is particularly interesting. Australia's national science agency has recently developed a spring mounted 3D scanner and mapper, dubbed 'Zebedee', for scrutinizing the details of interior designs in record breaking time. The researchers in question were able to use this technology on the Leaning Tower of Pisa to create a 3D scan in 20 minutes, and to a standard that would have been simply impossible with previously utilised technology.

The spring used in this device is the key instrument behind this revolutionary scanning procedure. For most laser scans, the scanning device has to be used from a variety of angles to navigate around the many obstructions that may be present within an interior. However with the aid of the spring mount, the scanner is freed, enabling it to sway gently from side to side, and even rotate, in order to capture date from anywhere within a targeted interior.

This innovation has not come about without complications, as every point of the scan requires a designated location to be specified to the operating computer software, otherwise the many incomplete scans cannot be assembled into a coherent model. Because of this, Zebedee contains an inertial sensor that tracks the rotations of the spring mount and, despite reservations over the somewhat unorthodox scanning mount, the technology has proved able to map out sites within a fraction of the normally expected time.

At European Springs we are always interested to see the many innovative uses that springs are being put to across the world. As leading experts in the field of spring technology, our own products can appear in a variety of vastly differing walks of life, and stories like that of Zebedee show that the range of uses for springs is growing ever greater. However in addition to our extensive range of springs, we also make a range of bespoke high speed stampings and press products, meaning that our influence extends over a huge range of industries including pharmaceutical and off-shore businesses. To find out whether our products could help you in your own field, be sure to contact us and we will be pleased to answer all of your queries.  

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