Rover P6 2000 Celebrates 50th Birthday

The inaugural winner of European Car of the Year, the Rover P6 2000, celebrates its fiftieth birthday this year. When the car was released in 1963, its Solihull manufacturers claimed that it was one of the 'safest' and 'most interesting' vehicles for many years, and they certainly delivered upon that promise, creating a unique car that was almost without rival. Honoured with numerous safety awards during the months following its release, the P6 2000 proved to be a genuine landmark vehicle.

Rover proudly announced the P6 2000 as a complete departure from all their previous cars, with many new design features that had not been seen in any of their existing workmanship. The body panels of the P6 2000 were all securely bolted to a bespoke base frame, and the rear suspension conformed to a 'sliding tube' design with specially aligned front springs; intended to incorporate a gas turbine facility that was planned for the future. This engine was never actually used within production, but it did pave the way for the accommodation of the later V8 engine in subsequent years.

The P6 2000 enjoyed a 14 year period in full production, and hardly dated within that timeframe due to its superb engineering. Here at European Springs, we recognise the significance of this landmark vehicle in automotive history, and are proud to have been providing quality springs for use in the motor industry for decades. The motor industry is one of our largest clients, and we supply a huge quantity of torsion springs for use in torsion bar vehicle suspension systems. Suspension is one of the key components within any innovative vehicle, just as it was within the Rover P6 2000 all those years ago, and so our products are always tailored to ensuring maximum performance.

Our association with the automotive industry is one of our most valuable partnerships, and we always make certain that our springs and pressings exhibit consummate attention to detail, right down to the smallest tension springs that are used within lever mechanisms on vehicle doors. Our bespoke service encompasses a comprehensive design and manufacture procedure for all of our springs, so please contact us now on +44 (0) 208 663 1800 or
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