Robots of The Future: Will Robots Take Jobs in the Future?

It’s been predicted that hospitality may be the first industry to introduce robots in the role of every day staff in the future, meaning that people’s jobs will be scrapped as owners attempt to cut costs and save money. A company in Japan have become the first business to try out the idea.

A hotel in Japan aims to give its visitors a very realistic look in the future this July, when it becomes the first ever hotel to employ robots as part of its staff. These robots will look incredibly like people – almost eerily similar! They will look like they can smile and blink, and they are made to read customers body language and respond appropriately.

The Robots

The robots have come from a company called Kokoro, who have been designing, producing and adapting these lifelike human robots for quite a long time – a little over a decade! The idea behind the design of the robots was for them to look and share traits with young Japanese women. They will be able to alter their tone and body language so that they are fully able to interact with customers, and they will all be clothed in hotel uniform for that extra sense of realism.

The Hotel Idea

The hotel is located within the Huis Ten Bosch theme park, and is said to have 72 rooms. The hotel has been given the name Henn-na Hotel which when translated, reads as the Strange Hotel – which is probably fitting for what is happening within. There will be in total around 10 robots working alongside the current staff, but the hotel manager has expressed his interest in making the hotel entirely run by robots further in the future. He believes that the introduction of robots in the hospitality industry will cut costs, improve productivity, and make it more affordable for guests.
The robots will greet the guests and check them in, carry their stuff to their room, and carry out all the cleaning throughout their stay. The idea is to have three robots on reception duty, so that they can welcome people as soon as they arrive. These robots are programmed to recognise customers through the use of facial technology, which is the same technology that will allow customers to check in and out without the use of a room key. There will then be a further four robots employed as porters – these are the ones that will help guests take their luggage to their rooms. The remaining 3 robots will be the cleaners – making sure rooms are spotless every day, changing bedding and just keeping the hotel clean in general.

There will be human staff on hand to make sure that everything is carried out correctly, and that production runs smoothly – but the hotel owner is adamant that the robots will be carrying out most of the work. In fact, he predicts that work carried out in the hotel will be  90% robot in the upcoming years.

The Future

Are our jobs in danger from being taken away in place of employing robots in the future? Only time will tell, but think that you are probably safe for the time being. However, with technology advancing at an extreme rate, we don’t think it’ll be too long until others attempt to copy what Japan has started.

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