Revolutionary Recycling Machinery Reliant On Springs

German based organisation, Pallmann has just launched a new tyre-recycling machine. The company, which specialises in manufacturing size reduction machinery, designed the equipment to facilitate complete recycling of tyre waste. Named Karakal, the machine pulverises tyre rubber into fine powder then devulcanizes the tyre waste for direct reuse in rubber processing.

According to Pallmann, this machinery is revolutionary tyre-recycling equipment because although some rubber waste is already re-used, it is only for a limited amount of purposes. These include incorporation into construction and building material as low-grade filler or pyrolisation into carbon black or some oils. However, the newly designed machinery fully utilises the waste so it can be used in place of using virgin material, encouraging eco-friendly tyre manufacture.

The Karakal is a twin-roll mill that engineers specifically designed to recycle the residue from the production of technical materials. Although the machinery resembles any ordinary twin roll mill, closer inspection reveals the serrations on the main rollers that help crumble any materials to fine powder. The tyre-recycling machinery's rollers are pre-tensioned with an assembly of springs and rollers. Like many other technical equipment, the machinery is heavily reliant on tension springs.

A Pallman spokesperson has reported that the organisation has since applied for several patents on the technology involved in designing their product. This is not the first time the use of springs is part of such an excellent innovation that required patents. Various everyday products such as watches and cars need springs to function, with different products requiring different spring designs.

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