Our Experience at 2016 Subcon

Subcon is the only event in the UK completely centred on contract and subcontract manufacturing, such as machining, moulding, casting and forging.


You might remember our excited blog post and tweets about this fantastic event.

We had good reason to be excited! Subcon is a perfect opportunity to connect buyers with suppliers, meaning everyone will always find what they need here. With such an ideal environment, it doesn't come as a surprise that we made sure to attend at all costs and enjoy everything the event has to offer!

The Importance of Subcon
At European Springs we're still brimming with excitement after the show. We believe this kind of event is extremely important for the manufacturing world, as it creates new relationships and cements old ones, all within the same industry. It also covers a wide number of fields, from design engineering to new manufacturing technologies, and ensures that different companies, from SMEs to large enterprises, are represented.

The Event Itself
This outstanding trade show allowed people in the engineering field to network and learn about a wide variety of products and services specific to their sector – and many others. We spotted companies from all over the world, not just the UK, including Spain, China and Italy, which further showcases the global nature of engineering.
The sheer number of suppliers and vendors also makes Subcon worthwhile to competitors, partners and clients, with the chance to take a look at what's being developed and created by each company, making it easier to form new business relationships.
Everyone who visited Subcon also had the chance to attend a fantastic conference with authorities from the industry, with the opportunity to gain insight into innovative techniques and materials, as well as stay up to date with market changes.

What We Found at Subcon
Due to the number of vendors and buyers who visited Subcon this year, a large amount of business was conducted here. A lot of orders were taken and we dealt with a lot of enquiries, proving once again how important it is to have shows like this in the industry. We had a good show from beginning to end!
Everyone seemed to be kept busy during the three days of the event, so it was good news all around. And guess who we spotted in the Castings Zone? The fantastic manufacturer Dean Group, specialists in investment casting in the UK. Just like ourselves, they also manufacture small parts and components for a wide range of industries, so it's fair to say we were thrilled to talk to them about this.


We had a great chat about the industry we're in, which we found fascinating. After all, few things compare to having a conversation with people who not only understand where you're coming from and share the same passions as you, but also know the ins and outs of the business and are more than happy to discuss them.
A significant part of Subcon's value is how it attracts like-minded people and companies, so our encounter with Dean Group only strengthens the notion that Subcon can help make important business connections – and help each other connect and grow!

Subcon's turnout was great this year, and everyone here at European Springs feels very happy to have participated in such an event. We're already looking forwards to Subcon 2017!

European Springs

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