News Round-Up: The Future of Engineering

The engineering sector provides many technological advancements that allow for the development of a wide range of industries. Modern engineering continues to research and promote enthusiasm among students in order to ensure new generations embark on a promising and rewarding career.


4% Expected Pay Rise for Graduate Engineering

2016 is a promising year for engineering graduates, seeing a pay rise of 4% since last year. Director of Employment and Skills Policy at EEF, Tim Thomas, says that there is a high demand for engineering skills but a short supply, leading to employees paying a higher salary. Engineering supports a wide range of industries, and the sector offers well-paid and sustainable careers to attract highly-skilled workers to join their workforce.

Encouraging Girls to Pursue Engineering

In the UK, women comprise only 8% of the engineering workforce. When at a big military airshow Dawn Bonfield, former chief executive of the Women's Engineering Society, was surprised to learn that the majority of the female students present didn't have an interest in engineering. Around 49% of schools in the UK don't send any girls to study A-level physics, and only a fifth of girls study the subject for their A-levels in spite of receiving similar grades as fellow male students in their GCSEs.

female engineer

It becomes vital to encourage girls to pursue engineering as a career, a matter which EDF has enthusiastically been working towards resolving with their Pretty Curious programme. Its goal is to change STEM subjects' perception and promote engineering among girls. These subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths see only 34% of girls moving forward to A-levels, while boys' are at 80%. Only 21% of the STEM workforce is comprised of women, and EDF's programme is a positive step in order to increase these numbers.

The Internet of Things

Over 20 billion devices are expected to be connected to the internet by 2020, promoting an unprecedented communication of data and information. For engineering, the possibilities of this advancement will further careers, which will aid in developing optimised systems for other industries.

Vizzia founder, CEO, and President, Andrew L. Halasz, has aided clinics and hospitals in improving the efficiency of equipment management, personnel supervising and scheduling, monitoring medication and blood and human tissues, and patient care tracking. These were optimised through systems connected through Wi-Fi, ensuring data storage and analytics alongside a secure network.

internet of things

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