Looking Back At Pivotal Engineers In Spring Technology: Robert Hooke

Engineering has been making the news often of late, to announce spectacular new findings or to give more ominous warnings.


With all this interest in the potential for the future of an industry which – as specialist manufacturers of springs and pressings – we’re deeply invested in, we thought it would be worthwhile to cast back into the past, and pay homage to some of the early engineers who made our current efforts possible.

Robert Hooke

This English polymath was prolific in a number of fields from the mid-17th century up to the start of the 18th. His contributions to a number of fields are considerable and worthy of acknowledgement, but he has never gained the widespread acclaim of such figures as Isaac Newton. Interestingly, Hooke made some of the first near-successful forays into the understanding of gravity, ideas which Sir Newton later expounded on in his own life, and the two are known to have corresponded with one another.

Contributions to Spring Technology

Hooke is a well-known name amongst spring manufacturers for the simple fact that one of his discoveries is a basic building block to the understanding of how springs work: Hooke’s Law may not be one of the flashier, more exciting laws of nature, but it is fundamental to the understanding of the function of springs, and can be applied to many other fields as well. Aside from spring manufacturers like us, it is interesting to note that the world of horology owes much to Robert Hooke; Hooke’s Law is one of the basic precepts behind the balance wheel in mechanical clocks and watches.

The days of the polymath and genius inventor sadly seem to be slipping away from us. As our understanding of physics grows ever more complex, it becomes increasingly challenging even to obtain a full understanding of just one discipline, let alone many. Although the world may never again see such figures as Robert Hooke, we believe it is important to hold these figures up as role models, and acknowledge the pivotal role they played in the development of the world, and our industry, as we know it.

Here at European Springs, we’re proud of the heritage behind our unassuming trade as expert spring and pressing manufacturers. If you find yourself with a need for high quality springs of any description, we may be able to help. Get in touch by calling 0208 663 1800, or email us at info.bec@europeansprings.com.

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