How Compression Springs Have Driven Super Cars to Success

Think of almost any mechanical device, and the chances are it will involve spring technology, which has been specifically designed to make that product work in the way it does. Despite being a small coil of metal, compression springs are an absolutely vital part of the most advanced technologies, especially in the motoring industry, which means big business.


Sports cars in particular are extremely intricate and precisely built, with absolutely no margin for error in their entire build. The highest performance sports cars, retailing for hundreds of thousands of pounds, are months or even years in the making. Take away any component, including the springs, and the vehicle will simply not work.

The use of compression springs in sports cars centres around suspension devices; protecting the entirety of the vehicle, as well as the driver, from road unevenness and impact, enabling a smooth ride. The higher quality the suspension of a car, the smoother, and consequently faster, the drive will be; as handling will be significantly improved.

An upgrade of suspension, including the spring device, is one of the most popular and common updates for those seeking to improve the performance of their car, as a high quality product really can make an incredible difference to car performance, speed and handling.  The highest quality suspension modifications on super cars can easily cost in the region of a few thousand pounds, but nothing can be achieved without the precision of components such as springs.

Within a suspension device, the spring is the part which works to cushion the impacts of uneven road surfaces, which turns the impact into vibrations able to be cushioned by the shock absorbers.  The spring is a vital piece, as it connects together the different components of the suspension, and enables the transfer of energy to be passed through the car.

The existence of springs within a suspension device means that any component of the car above the level of the suspension – which is everything apart from the wheels, brakes and lower suspension – is classed as a sprung mass. The rule is that the smaller the ratio of the unsprung mass to sprung mass, the greater the comfort and easier the ride. In high performance sports cars, as competition between them is fierce, the smallest discrepancy, such as the sprung mass ratio not being as high as it could possibly be, can be a make or break situation for overall vehicle performance. The extra few mph speed ability could set it apart from competitors.

Here at European Springs, we provide compression springs of all sizes and designs for an incredibly wide range of uses, including high performance sports cars. In fact, our parent company is the supplier of springs to the world renowned Lamborghini. We are able to provide completely bespoke and custom made springs to fit any vehicle suspension, with measurements always 100% accurate, and materials of the highest performance quality.

European Springs

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